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Nutcases Land Law Nutcases Land Law
Nutcases Land Law
by Chang, Chris
Edition: 6 Rev ed, 2012
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Product Details:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 263 pages
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Language: English
ISBN: 9780414022713
Dimensions: 135.00 X 15.00 X 213.00
Publisher Code: 9780414022713
Date Added: 2012-02-24
Search Category: International
Jurisdiction: International

An essential revision aid, presenting in-depth case analysis of the facts, principles and decisions of the most important cases.

  • Cases are organised by topic areas illustrating key principles of the law. Facts and decisions are summarised concisely, and additional commentary explains the possible implications of a decision and draws together major themes.
  • Equips students with a full understanding of the most important cases, from the facts through to the decision and key principles
  • Highlights Court of Appeal, House of Lords and Supreme Court cases to enable time-pushed students to easily identify the relative significance of the cases examined
  • Includes boxed “think points” at the end of each chapter providing further case analysis and encouraging critical thinking – helping students to think like a lawyer
  • Fully indexed by individual cases and topics, enabling students to find the information they need quickly
  • Encourages students to absorb and analyse case law for quick recall during exams
  • The text is broken down into manageable bite-sized chunks and bullets to aid navigation, assimilation and retention of information
  • Each chapter opens with a short introduction to outline the key concepts covered and condense complex and important information – so that students know what they need to commit to memory by the end of the chapter
  • The longest running revision guide series on the market, relied upon and trusted by students for over 30 years 

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