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Irish Conveyancing Law
By Wylie, J. C. W.& Woods, Una
  4 Rev ed, 2016
This is the essential guide to conveyancing law and practice. In this new edition, the authors have completely updated the previous text to the Land and Conveyancing Law Act.

Hardback: Rs. 27,000.00  Rs. 22,950.00
Break Clauses
By Trompeter, Nicholas
  3 Rev ed, 2016

Hardback: Rs. 12,719.00  Rs. 10,811.00
Buying A Property Abroad
By Packer, Steven
  3 Rev ed, 2016

Paperback: Rs. 1,199.00  Rs. 1,019.00
The Principles of Personal Property Law
By Duncan Sheehan

Hardback: Rs. 9,600.00  Rs. 8,160.00
Housing Law
By Sproston, Roger
  8 Rev ed, 2017

Paperback: Rs. 1,199.00  Rs. 1,019.00
Mcdonald's Conveyancing Manual
By Steven, Andrew& Wortley, Scott& Carnan, Paul
  8 Rev ed, 2016
McDonald's Conveyancing Manual has been extensively revised in line with the recent legislative reform and is a well-established source of reference for LLB and Diploma students.

Paperback: Rs. 10,560.00  Rs. 8,976.00
European Condominium Law
The first comprehensive comparative treatment in English of condominium (apartment ownership, commonhold) law in the 21 most important European jurisdictions.

Hardback: Rs. 17,040.00  Rs. 14,484.00
Personal Property Law
By Bridge, Professor Michael
  4 Rev ed, 2015
In this revised edition, Michael Bridge provides a comprehensive analysis of the complexities of English personal property law. It includes new material on key case law and statutory developments. An invaluable...

Hardback: Rs. 8,760.00  Rs. 7,446.00
Housing Allocation and Homelessness
By Luba, Jan& Davies, Liz& Johnston, Connor
  4 Rev ed, 2016

Paperback: Rs. 8,471.00  Rs. 7,200.00