Constitutional Law of India
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Constitutional Law of India
by V.D. Mahajan
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Edition:7th Edition, 1991.
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Contents of the Book
EBC Webstore's EditorsSuggest
Constitutional Miscellany
Equal Justice and Forensic Process: Truth and Myth (Deluxe Edition)
V.G. Ramachandran's Law of Writs (in 2 volumes)
Liberty, Equality and Justice - Struggles for a New Social Order
V.G. Ramachandran's Contempt of Court
V.D. Kulshreshtha's Landmarks in Indian Legal and Constitutional History
Legal History - A Textbook of English Legal History
Facets of Media Law
A mini encyclopaedia covering multiple dimensions of media law
Constitution of India - The Preamble
National Security Act, 1980 - (Bare Act)
Public Interest Litigation: Legal Aid and Lok Adalats
Social Justice - Sunset or Dawn
Administrative Law - Lectures on Administrative Law
Administrative Law
Constitutional Provisions Act, 1992
Freedom of Information Act, 2002
Right to Information Act, 2005 - (Bare Act)
About the Book

This book thoroughly details case-law pertaining to the Indian Constitution, past and present and explains the various aspects of the structure and history of our Constitution. The language of the book is clear and concise, the subject index good and the structure of the book logical.

The author has taken pains to give at the outset the text or summary of relevant 'Articles ' of each topic and then to explain implications thereof with reference to constitutional documents, history, judicial dicta and comparable provisions of other constitutions and their interpretation.

A detailed general index makes it easier for the legal academicians to locate and consult the relevant matter in the book.



  • Lawasia, Australia : ... It provides through its historical introduction, clear style and layout, a gentle introduction to the Indian Constitution which is very encouraging to lawyers from other jurisdictions, political scientists and other persons lay to the law. He deals with major issues of Indian Constitutional law in some depth, but with a clarity that eludes many when they attempt to deal with this subject which is complex in itself, but which is rendered more difficult by the torrent of words streaming off the pens of the judges.
  • Law Books in Review, U.S.A. : Recommended for law libraries teaching or dealing with cases in international law or constitutional law.
  • Journal of Indian Law Institute : ...the merit of the book lies in that it has been written in a very simple language and the author has intelligently, carefully and rightly blended the theme and material in the book. ...on the whole, the book is useful to law students, legal practitioners and any other person interested in the study of the Constitution.


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