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Swamys Pension Compilation incorporating CCS Pension Rules Swamys Pension Compilation incorporating CCS Pension Rules
Swamys Pension Compilation incorporating CCS Pension Rules
by Muthuswamy and Brinda
Edition: 23rd Edition, 2018
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Swamys Pension Compilation incorporating CCS Pension Rules
Swamys Compilation of CCS Conduct Rules
Swamy's Compilation of CCS CCA Rules [with free Discipline Rules Made Objective (MCQ)]
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Product Details:
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Swamy
Language: English
Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm
Publisher Code: BC2
Date Added: 2015-09-05
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972

CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981

Scheme for providing Immediate Relief

Compassionate Fund of the Government of India CCS (Medical Examination) Rules, 1957

Premature Retirement, Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983, Pro rata Retirement Benefits on Permanent Transfer to PSUs, etc.

The Pensions Act, 1871, etc.

Incorporates Latest Government's Orders based on�the Sixth Pay Commission's Recommendations

A well classified subject-wise index of rules and orders added at the end.

Table Of Contents:


Chapter I - Preliminary

1. Short title and commencement

2. Application

3. Definitions

4. Government servants transferred from services and posts to which these rules do not apply

Chapter II - General Conditions

5. Regulation of claims to pension or family pension

6. Deleted.

7. Limitations on number of pensions

8. Pension subject to future good conduct

9. Right of President to withhold or withdraw pension

10. Commercial employment after retirement

11. Restriction on practice in Income Tax and other cases after retirement

12. Employment after retirement under a Government outside India

Chapter III - Qualifying Service

13. Commencement of qualifying service

14. Conditions subject to which service qualifies

15. Counting of service on probation

16. Counting of service as apprentice

17. Counting of service on contract

18. Counting of pre-retirement civil service in the case of re-employed Government servants

19. Counting of military service rendered before civil employment

20. Counting of war service rendered before civil employment

21. Counting of periods spent on leave

22. Counting of periods spent on training

23. Counting of periods of suspension

24. Forfeiture of service on dismissal or removal

25. Counting of past service on reinstatement

26. Forfeiture of service on resignation

27. Effect of interruption in service

28. Condonation of interruption in service

29. Addition to qualifying service when a Government servant is declared surplus

30. Addition to qualifying service in special circumstances

31. Period of deputation to United Nations and other Organizations

32. Verification of qualifying service after 25 years' service or 5 years before retirement

Chapter IV - Emoluments and Average Emoluments

33. Emoluments

34. Average Emoluments

Chapter V - Classes of Pensions and conditions governing their grant

35. Superannuation pension

36. Retiring pension

37. Pension on absorption in or under a Corporation, Company or Body

37A.Payment of pension to absorbers in PSU/AB consequent upon conversion of a Government Department

into a Central Autonomous Body or a Public Sector Undertaking

38. Invalid pension

39. Compensation pension

40. Compulsory retirement pension

41. Compassionate Allowance

Chapter VI - [ RULES 42 to 46 ] Deleted

Chapter VII - Regulation of Amounts of Pensions

47. Deleted.

48. Retirement on completion of 30 years' qualifying service.

48A.Retirement on completion of 20 years' qualifying service. 48-B. Addition to qualifying service on voluntary retirement

48C. Addition to qualifying service in the case of Pioneers in General Reserve

Engineers Force

49. Amount of pension

50. Retirement / Death Gratuity

51. Persons to whom gratuity is payable

51A.Debarring a person from receiving gratuity

52. Lapse of retirement gratuity/death gratuity

53. Nominations

54. Family Pension, 1964

55. Family Pension, 1950

55A. Dearness relief on pension/family pension

Chapter VIII - Determination and Authorization of the Amounts of Pension and Gratuity

56. Preparation of list of Government servants due for retirement

57. Intimation to Directorate of Estates regarding the issue of 'No Demand Certificate'

58. Preparation of pension papers

59. Stages for the completion of pension papers

60. Completion of pension papers

61. Forwarding of pension papers to Accounts Officer

62. Intimation to Accounts Officer regarding any event having bearing on pension

63. Intimation of the particulars of Government dues to the Accounts Officer

64. Provisional pension

65. Authorization of pension and gratuity by the Accounts Officer

66. Payment of provisional pension and gratuity through money order

67. Government servants on deputation

68. Interest on delayed payment of gratuity

69. Provisional pension where departmental or judicial proceedings may be pending

70. Revision of pension after authorization

71. Recovery and adjustment of Government dues

72. Adjustment and recovery of dues pertaining to Government accommodation

73. Adjustment and recovery of dues other than dues pertaining to Government accommodation

74. Date of retirement to be notified


75. Omitted.

76. Omitted.

Chapter IX - Determination and Authorization of the Amount of Family Pension

and Death Gratuity in respect of Government servants dying while in service

77. Obtaining of claims for family pension and death gratuity.

78. Completion of Form 18

79. Determination of the amount of family pension and gratuity where service records are incomplete

80. Forwarding the papers to the Accounts Officer

80A.Sanction, drawl and disbursement of provisional family pension and gratuity

80B.Authorization of final pension and balance of the gratuity by the Accounts Officer

80C.Adjustment of Government dues

80D.Payment of family pension and death gratuity when a Government servant dies while on deputation

Chapter X - Sanction of Family Pension and Residuary Gratuity in respect of Deceased Pensioners

81. Sanction of family pension and residuary gratuity on the death of a pensioner

82. Authorization of payment by Accounts Officer

Chapter XI - Payment of Pensions

83. Date from which pension becomes payable

84. Currency in which pension is payable

85. Manner of payment of gratuity and pension

86. Application of Treasury Rules

Chapter XII - Miscellaneous

87. Interpretation

88. Power to relax

89. Repeal and Saving


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