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Business Accounting
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Business Accounting

by Jill Collis, Andrew Holt, Roger Hussey
Edition: 3rd Edition
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Pages: 624 pages
Publisher: Palgrave
Language: English
ISBN: 9781137521491
Date Added: 2021-11-18
Search Category: Lawbooks,Textbooks
Jurisdiction: International


This textbook provides an accessible introduction to accounting, giving a clear and concise overview of financial accounting, management accounting and financial management. Using international examples, cases and real company data to contextualise the theory, the authors explain the key concepts in a logical fashion, providing students with a theoretical and practical foundation in the subject. In particular, the running case study helps students to keep applying new concepts to a familiar context. The main author, Jill Collis, is an experienced author who has a proven ability to simplify difficult topics and communicate them in a clear and engaging way.

This textbook has been developed specifically to provide a comprehensive introduction to accounting for anybody coming to the subject for the first time, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

New to this Edition:
1. The important and contemporary topics of ethics, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility are given more prominence in this new edition
2. A new chapter on the statement of cash flows has been added
3. The number of questions in the book and online has been increased substantially to provide students with more opportunity to test their understanding and provide lecturers with more materials to perform assessments

Accompanying online resources for this title can be found at bloomsburyonlineresources.com/business-accounting-3e. These resources are designed to support teaching and learning when using this textbook and are available at no extra cost.

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Table Of Contents:

Part I: The World of Accounting and Finance
1. Introduction to Business Accounting
2. The Importance of Cash

Part II: Financial Accounting
3. The Accounting System
4. The Regulatory Framework for Financial Reporting
5. The Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting
6. The Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income
7. The Statement of Financial Position
8. The Statement of Cash Flows
9. Consolidated Financial Statements
10. Financial Statement Analysis
11. Corporate Governance, Stewardship, Social Responsibility and Integrated Reporting

Part III: Management Accounting
12. The Importance of Cost Information
13. Costing for Product Direct Costs
14. Costing for Indirect Costs
15. Activity-based Costing
16. Marginal Costing
17. Budgetary Control
18. Standard Costing
19. Strategic Management Accounting
20. Environmental Management Accounting

Part IV: Investment Appraisal
21. Payback Period and Accounting Rate of Return
22 Discounted Cash Flow Methods

Appendix: Present value tables


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