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Insights into IFRS
  12 Rev ed, 2015

Hardback: Rs. 15,000.00  Rs. 12,750.00
War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation
By Bano, Andrew
The book covers the procedure for making a claim, bringing an appeal, and practice and procedure before the First-tier Tribunal (in England and Wales), the Pensions Appeal Tribunals (in Scotland and Northern Ireland),...

Hardback: Rs. 7,500.00  Rs. 6,375.00
Practitioner's Guide to MiFID
  2 Rev ed, 2015

Paperback: Rs. 15,700.00  Rs. 13,345.00
Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts
By Levine, Marshall& Ter Haar, Roger, QC& Laney,...
  3 Rev ed, 2016

Hardback: Rs. 30,500.00  Rs. 25,925.00
European Capital Markets Law
By R?diger Veil

Paperback: Rs. 5,000.00  Rs. 4,250.00
Banks and Financial Crime
  2 Rev ed, 2017
This revised and updated new edition provides a practical guide for banks and their lawyers to their regulatory responsibilities, private law duties, liabilities to third parties, and obligations to assist persons...

Hardback: Rs. 18,500.00  Rs. 15,725.00
Insolvency Practitioners Handbook
By Insolvency Practitioners Association
  5 New ed, 2017

Paperback: Rs. 2,999.00  Rs. 2,549.00
Schaw Miller and Bailey
By Miller, Stephen Schaw& Bailey, Edward
  5 Rev ed, 2016
Schaw Miller and Bailey: Personal Insolvency - Law and Practice offers a full treatment of the law and procedure of bankruptcy and personal insolvency. This edition takes full account of legislative changes as well as...

Hardback: Rs. 31,000.00  Rs. 26,350.00
Practitioner's Guide to Financial Services Investigations and Enforcement
By Conceicao, Carlos
  3 Rev ed, 2014

Paperback: Rs. 18,300.00  Rs. 15,555.00