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Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments
× Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments
Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments
by Dr. S. R. Myneni
Edition: 4th, 2019, Reprinted 2021
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Product Details:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 582 pages
Publisher: Asia Law House
Language: English
ISBN: 9789386730947
Dimensions: 23.80 X 3.00 X 15.80
Shipping Weight: 0.700(Kg)
Publisher Code: 9789386730947
Date Added: 2017-01-01
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Jurisdiction: Indian

The author has attempted to present the relevant topics of the Law of Banking basing on the syllabus of Bar Council of India and syllabi of different universities including NALSAR Law University, Hyderabad, basing on the books referred to in the Bibliography. Care has been taken to incorporate at relevant places the Banking Laws (Amendment) Act, 2012, The Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Act, 2015 (No. 26 of 2015 w.r.e.f. 15-06-2015). Amendments to Banking Regulation Act with regard to Acquisition of shares of voting rights, Establishment of Depositor Education and Awareness Fund, Supersession of Board of Directors of Banking Company etc. etc., are covered. A new Chapter Importance of Banking Business in modern times is added which gives features of e-Banking. Provisions relating to Banking under Companies Act, 2013 and Information Technology Act, 2000 are discussed.

Table Of Contents:

Unit I : Origin, Functions and System of Banking in India
Chapter 1.    History of Banking and Banking Law
Chapter 2.    Banking System
Chapter 3.    Nationalisation of Banks in India
Chapter 4.    Banking Business and the Customer
Chapter 5.    Opening of Accounts of Customers
Chapter 6.    Banker's Special Customers
Chapter 7.    Importance of Banking Business in Modern Times
Chapter 8.    Offshore Banking
Chapter 9.    Globalisation and its impact on Banking

Unit - II : Relationship between Banker and Customer

Chapter 1.    Banker and Customer
Chapter 2.    General Relationship Between Banker and Customer
Chapter 3.    Special Features of Relationship Between Banker and Customers
                         [Obligations (Duties) and Rights of the Banker
Chapter 4.    Rule in Clayton's Case
Chapter 5.    Bankers and Garnishee Order
Chapter 6.    Customers Duties or Obligations to his Banker
Unit III : Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 1.    Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 2.    Cheques
Chapter 3.    Crossed Cheques
Chapter 4.    Promissory Notes and Bills of Exchange
Chapter 5.    Other Instruments
Chapter 6.    Holder, Holder in Due Course and Holder for Value
Chapter 7.    Payment in Due Course
Chapter 8.    Indorsement (Endorsement)
Chapter 9.    Presentment for Acceptance and Payment
Chapter 10.  Parties to Negotiable Instruments and their Capacity and Liabilities
Chapter 11.  Discharge from Liability on Notes, Bills and Cheques
Chapter 12.  Miscellaneous Provisions

Unit IV : Statutory Protection to Banker
Chapter 1.    Statutory Protection to Paying Banker

Chapter 2.    Fraud and Forgery
Chapter 3.    Dishonour of a Cheque by Paying Banker
Chapter 4.    Statutory Protection to Collecting Banker
Unit V : Advances
Chapter 1.    Loans and Advances (Credit)

Chapter 2.    Modes of Creating a Charge of Banking Securities
Chapter 3.    Secured Advances
Chapter 4.    Guarantees
Chapter 5.    Letter of Credit
Subject Index

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