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Environmental Law: Decentralised Environmental Governance Environmental Law: Decentralised Environmental Governance
Environmental Law: Decentralised Environmental Governance
by Shobhalata Udapudi, Jagadeesh Chandra T.G., Bindu Vijay, A...
Edition: 2019 Edition
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Environmental Law: Decentralised Environmental Governance
Central Acts of India (1834-2019) Repealed and Unrepealed
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Format: Hardback, eBook
Pages: 296 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789388822114
Dimensions: 22.8 x 15.3 x 2.9 cm
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Publisher Code: AD/211, EA/1523
Date Added: 2020-06-24
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Climate change and various related environmental issues have become a global challenge. The work is a research initiative of GNLU Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development. The Centre aims to provide information infrastructure in the specific areas covered under environmental issues and sustainable development. The Centre has initiated research for publication wherein, it intends to bring out thematic publications. The first thematic manuscript is titled " Environmental Law: Decentralised Environmental Governance."

Decentralisation is a process through which authority and responsibility for some functions are transferred from the Central Government to local Governments, communities and the private sector. This process involves that decentralised institutions, either local offices of Central Government or local private and civil organisations (entrepreneur, farmers, communities, associations, etc.) be provided with higher power in policy making and decision taking. Thus, decentralised environmental governance aims to redistribute power, authority, accountability, resources and inclusion of local people to reduce the effect of climate change and to solve various environmental problems.

This edited book is organised into three main sections:

  • The first introduces the consequences of man made interventions to environment and approach of Government to mitigate it (Chapters 1-5).
  • The second provides a background to decentralised environment protection (Chapter 6-9).
  • The third section emphasizes and highlights the future of solar energy in India as an inventive step towards efficient environment protection (Chapters 10-15).

We believe that this book will be useful not only to scientific community but also to others who are involved in policy making.



Table Of Contents:

1. Growth of Airports and Their Environmental Impact 

2. Tortious Nuisance: An Alternative Remedy in Controlling and Abating the Perils of Vehicular Pollution 

3. Application of Judicial Activism in Protecting the Environment: An Analysis 

4. Project Finance in the Indian Water Sector 

5. The City Up in Smoke: A Peep into Delhi’s Pollution Crisis

6. Poverty and Environment: Mutual Interests and Conflicting Outcomes in North East India 

7. A Stakeholder Oriented Analysis of International, National and Local Environmental Concerns

8. Decentralisation: A Need for an Effective Environmental Governance in Maharashtra 

9. Moving Towards Corporate Environmental Responsibility

10. Future of India’s Solar Power — Ventures and Policies 

11. Solar Power in India: Policy Initiatives and Way Forward 

12. The Buried Treasure – The Energy Beneath your Feet

13. Global Energy Crisis and Clean Development Mechanism - Sustainable Energy Integration in Smart Cities: Scope for Sustainable Energy Integration in Patna 

14. Wind Energy – A Source of Renewable Energy: Citation Analysis Based on Indian Citation Index (ICI) Database 

15. Right of Way in Transmission Projects: Legislative Intent, Executive Order and Judicial Pronouncements 

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