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The New York Paralegal The New York Paralegal
× The New York Paralegal
The New York Paralegal
by William Statsky (Thomas Edison State College), Robert Sara...
Edition: New edition
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Format: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Cengage Learning, Inc
Language: English
Dimensions: 28.00 X 2.00 X 22.00
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Publisher Code: 9781418013028
Date Added: 2018-08-05
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Never before has learning critical state-specific paralegal information been easier - or more organized! A truly innovative resource, The New York Paralegal contains the material, documents, and resources essential to aspiring and working paralegals who will be working in New York State. Coverage includes an overview of the paralegal profession, ethics, the legal system, research, and even a comprehensive legal dictionary - all as they pertain to New York State laws and statutes. The result is a valuable, convenient, all-in-one resource that is complete with highly tailored, highly relevant content readers need to succeed in the industry. It will prove to be a solid reference for all levels, from novice paralegals just entering or considering entering the field, to paralegals active and working in New York State, making this a must-have addition to any paralegal library.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Paralegal Profession 1. Overview of New York Paralegals. 2. Paralegal Associations and Related Groups in New York. 3. Sources of CLE for Paralegals. Appendix A: Paralegals in Court Opinions. Appendix B. Becoming an Attorney in New York. Part 2: Paralegal Employment. 1. Resources for Finding Employment in New York. 2. Sample Paralegal Job Descriptions in State Government. 3. Sample Paralegal Job Description in a Federal Agency Located in New York. 4. Pro Bono Opportunities for Paralegals. 5. Becoming a Notary Public. 6. An Employee or an Independent Contractor?. 7. Overtime Pay under Federal Law and State Law. 8. Laid-Off Paralegals and Unemployment Compensation. 9. Injured Paralegals and Workers' Compensation. Appendix A: Deductibility of the Cost of Paralegal Education or Training. Part 3: Ethics, Paralegals, and Attorneys. 1. Defining the Practice of Law and the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) in New York. 2. New York Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct (DRPC). 3. Ethical Opinions on Paralegals and other Nonattorneys. 4. New York Bar Associations (including Paralegal Membership Categories). Appendix A: Timeline: Disciplinary Proceedings against an Attorney. Part 4: Legal System. 1. Introduction to the State Government of New York. 2. State Courts in New York. 3. Federal Courts in New York. 4. State Legislation: How a Bill Becomes a New York Statute. 5. State Agencies, Offices, and Boards. 6. Counties and Cities: Selected Useful Law-Related Sites. Part 5: Legal Research and Records Research. 1. New York State Legal Research. 2. Citation Examples: Some Comparisons. 3. Abbreviations in Citations: Some Comparisons. 4. Abbreviations for Notetaking. 5. Research Starters for __ Major New York Topics. 6. Self-Help Resources. 7. Public Records Research. 8. Finding Law Libraries in Your Area. 9. Hotline Resources and Complaint Directories. Part 6: Procedure: Some Basics. 1. Timeline: A Civil Case in the New York State Courts. 2. Venue, Process, Pleadings, and Discovery: 45 Rules Even Non-Litigation Paralegals Should Know. 3. State and Federal Civil Litigation in New York: Some Comparisons. 4. Timeline: A Criminal Case in the New York State Courts. Part 7: Sample Documents. 1. Sample Petition Action Filed in a New York State Court. 2. Sample Civil Complaint Filed in a Federal District Court in New York. 3. Sample Legal Memorandum Applying New York Law. 4. Sample Appellate Brief Filed in the New York Court of Appeals. 5. Sample Indictment Filed in a New York State Court. Part 8: Comprehensive Legal Dictionary.

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