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R V Kelkar's Criminal Procedure
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R V Kelkar's Criminal Procedure

by K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai
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  • Paperback, 7th Edition 2021, Reprinted 2023
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R V Kelkar's Criminal Procedure
V. P. Sarathi's Law of Evidence
Indian Penal Code (IPC)
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback/ebook
Pages: 1064 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789388206013, 9788193547298, 9789389656183, 9788195917969
Dimensions: 24.1 CM X 17.6 CM X 5.0 CM
Publisher Code: AB/676, AD/655, EA/2268, AF/796
Date Added: 2021-03-21
Search Category: Textbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


This classic work provides an interesting study of the fundamental principles of criminal procedure in a logical sequence. The topic-wise treatment of the subject along with references to academic writings and judicial decisions makes the study of criminal procedure meaningful and comprehensible.

The author has incorporated all recent developments in the field of criminal procedure since the publication of the last edition in 2014.

The following are the unique features of the book:

1. An illuminating overview by distinguished Prof. BB Pande.
2. The latest case laws including the cases of Sriharan (2016) and Sushila Aggarwal (2020) have been incorporated at appropriate places in the book.
3. Amendments made by Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018 are included.
4. Probing the Problems has been included at the end of the book; it contains points for classroom discussion.
5. A new feature: Suggested Readings, has been added. This is a compilation of selected articles indexed on SCC OnlineTM from the various Law Review Journals.

The author has also drawn attention to some ticklish aspects of the Code with a view to fostering new thinking in the light of new developments so that criminal procedure law may grow in tune with the times.

Extract from the Foreword

"Mr. Kelkar has brought a fresh approach to this book while dealing with the subject of criminal procedure. There is a topic-wise arrangement of the subject matter and analysis of the relevant sections connected with each topic."

- Justice H.R. Khanna

Extract from the Overview

"With the arrival of Professor Kelkar's Criminal Procedure, the ways of understanding and articulating procedural law discourse in the courts underwent marked transformation"

- Prof. B.B. Pande, Law National Law University, New Delhi

Table Of Contents:

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Overview by Prof. B.B. Pande

1. Object, Extent and Scope
2. Constitution of Criminal Courts
3. Police, Prosecutors, Defence Counsels, Prison Authorities
4. Pre-trial Proceedings—General Observations
5. Pre-trial Procedure: Steps to Ensure Accused’s Presence at the Trial
6. Pre-trial Procedure: Arrest, and the Rights of the Arrested Person
7. Pre-trial Procedure: Search, Seizure and Production of Materials
8. Pre-trial Procedure: Investigation by Police
9. Local Jurisdiction of the Courts and the Police
10. Cognizance of Offences
11. Commencement of Proceedings Before Magistrates
12. Bail
13. Trial Procedures: Principal Features of Fair Trial
14. Trial Procedures: Courts and Parties
15. Trial Procedures: Charge
16. Trial Procedures: Some Common Features
17. Trial Procedures: Disposal of Criminal Cases without Full Trial
18. Trial Procedures: Preliminary Pleas to Bar Trial
19. Trial Procedures: Trial Before a Court of Session
20. Trial Procedures: Trial of Warrant Cases by Magistrates
21. Trial Procedures: Trial of Summons Cases and Summary Trial
22. Trial Procedures: Special Rules of Evidence
23. Judgment
24. Review Procedures: Appeals
25. Review Procedures: Revision
26. Transfer of Cases
27. Execution, Suspension, Remission and Commutation of Sentences
28. Preventive and Precautionary Measures
29. Proceedings for Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents
30. Miscellaneous Provisions

Probing the Problems
Suggested Readings
Subject Index

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