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Liberty, Equality and Justice - Struggles for a New Social Order
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Liberty, Equality and Justice - Struggles for a New Social Order

by S.P. Sathe and Sathya Narayan
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Liberty, Equality and Justice - Struggles for a New Social Order
Public Interest Litigation Legal Aid and Lok Adalats
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Product Details:

Format: Hardcover/eBook
Pages: 413 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789389656299
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 2.40 CM X 16 CM
Publisher Code: EA/1191, AD/629
Date Added: 2019-09-17
Search Category: Lawbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


This commemorative volume celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of the ILS Law College, Pune, and contains a variety of essays by well known legal experts, focussing on liberty, equality and justice, which form the basis of the Indian Constitution. The views of the authors help in a better understanding of the Indian Constitution, especially in the current Indian social context. The important topics covered include gender justice, child labour, the rights of the disabled and the elderly, the Directive Principles, Freedom of Information, the role of the Supreme Court, the relevance of classical Hindu Law in the current social context, protection of the environment and International Human Rights. The book is a treasure house of interesting ideas and comments and will be useful for all those interested in the subject.

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Table Of Contents:

PART I : Working the Constitution

  • V.R. Krishna Iyer: The Noble Preamble: We have Promises to Keep
  • Upendra Baxi: Violence, Constitutionalism and Struggle: Or How to Avoid Being a Mahamoorkha!
  • S.P. Sathe: Civil Society and Liberty, Equality and Justice: Percolation of Values to the Grassroots: Some Concerns
  • Mahendra P. Singh: Statics and Dynamics of Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles-A Human Rights Perspective
  • Venkat Iyer: Freedom of Information: Some Lessons from the Commonwealth
  • Clark D. Cunningham: The World's Most Powerful Court: Finding the Roots of India's Public Interest Litigation Revolution in the Hussainara Khatoon Prisoners Case
  • Z.M. Yacoob: Some Debates Central to the Making of the Constitution of South Africa
  • Teesta Setalvad: Hate Speech and Indian Democracy

PART II : Bringing Equality Through Affirmative Action

  • Margaret Thornton: Neo-Liberalism, Discrimination and the Politics of Ressentiment
  • Asha Bajpai: Child Rights: Struggles for a New Social Order
  • Sathya Narayan: A Worn Out Manifesto: For the Disabled in India
  • Alice Jacob: Protection of Older Persons in the Third Millennium: Legal and Policy Dimensions
  • Jaya Sagade: Raising Female Age at Marriage: Socio-Legal Constraints and Strategies
  • Werner Menski: Hindu Law in Modern India: Can the Duty not to Talk about Dharma be Conducive to Justice?

PART III : Environment and the People

  • Anupa V. Thapliyal: Environment and the Law: Effectiveness of Legal Sanctions
  • C.M. Jariwala: The Changing Dimension of the Right to Environment in India
  • Sanjay Sangvai: The New Politics of Environmental Socialism
  • Donald L. Burnett, Jr.: The Law-and-Economics Movement: Can it Illuminate India's Environmental Issues?

PART IV : Human Rights

  • Clarence J. Dias: Towards International Human Rights Crimes: Some Asian Concerns and Perspectives
  • Rebecca J. Cook: Celebrating Vishaka: Judicial Enforcement of Women's Human Rights
  • Vaijayanti Joshi: Consent in Man-Woman Relations: Law and Patriarchy: Some Examples

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