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Jhala and Raju's Medical Jurisprudence (Print on Demand) Jhala and Raju's Medical Jurisprudence (Print on Demand)
× Jhala and Raju's Medical Jurisprudence (Print on Demand)
Jhala and Raju's Medical Jurisprudence (Print on Demand)
by (Revised by) R.M. Jhala
Edition: 6th Edition, 1997 (POD)
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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 736 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 8170125979
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 4.27 CM X 16 CM
Shipping Weight: 1.200(Kg)
Publisher Code: A/597
Date Added: 2001-01-01
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

This very popular work has been widely accepted and appreciated by the judiciary and the medical and legal fraternity as a useful reference book. The book presents technical, medical material in non-technical and simple language. Such aspects of crime investigation which involve the application of medical science have been dealt with. The finer legal and medical aspects of the subject have been covered with meticulous care including liability of the medical profession under Consumer Protection Act.

A unique feature of this work is the list of questions appended at the end of each chapter that can be put to experts and witnesses under cross-examination. These set of questions are very useful to the lawyers in examining the doctors and to the doctors in anticipating questions. A separate chapter on anatomy and physiology adds to the utility of the book. The book is well illustrated with pictures and diagrams to explain fire arm injuries, burns, strangulation, anatomy of the human body, etc. Latest advances in applied medical sciences have been given due attention. Latest case-law has also been comprehensively covered with special attention to examination of witnesses in courts, compensation and damages to victims, legal aspects of birth, rape, insanity, lunacy, motor vehicle accidents, etc.

A special appendix on glossary of technical terms in English and Hindi, offers unique status to the book. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best books available on the subject and will be extremely useful to public prosecutors, defence lawyers, police officials and the medical profession.



  • Kerala Law Times : It is one of the few established books on the subject which enjoy the respect and patronage of the legal profession. In well-defined chapters all the facts of medico-legal jurisprudence have been dealt with. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best books available on the subject.
  • Current Indian Statutes : The present work by Jhala and Raju needs no introduction. The law on the subject has been comprehensively dealt with. The book will be found very useful by the legal profession as well as by the medical profession. The prosecution officers would find this work an absolute necessity. We recommend this useful publication to all our readers, who will find it almost indispensable.
  • All India Reporter : This book is very popular in the medical, legal and judicial world, since it provides the necessary information in simple understandable language. The book contains latest case-law to show how witnesses are examined in the courts for compensation under various outrages against human bodies. There are also many other useful matters discussed that make the book very useful and unique.
  • Law Books in Review, U.S.A. : This is a fairly extensive text-book of medical jurisprudence covering most areas of forensic medicine with a particular emphasis on Indian Law.


Table Of Contents:
                   Forensic Medicine - Historical Outfit 1
                   Constitution of Criminal Courts, their Powers and Jurisdiction 6
                   Evidence and Proof 19
                   Expert Evidence 44
                   The Expert in Court 50
                   Medical Evidence 58
                   Legitimacy and Paternity 74
                   Privileged Communication and Professional Secrets 77
                   The Rights and Obligations of a Medical Man to his Patient 80
                   Medical Malpractice 97
                   Code of Medical Ethics 109
                   Consent before Examination and before Surgical Operation 116
                   Medical Insanity 125
                   Legal Insanity 132
                   Intoxication 163
                   Acts done by Persons under Intoxication 168
                   Establishing Identity 178
                   Importance of Skeleton and Skeletal Remains in establishing Identity 184
                   Age 194
                   Human Body : Some Elements of Anatomy and Physiology 204
                   Inquest 220
                   Post-Mortem Examination 228
                   Despatch of Viscera and Other Material for Chemical Analysis and
                   Medico-Legal Inter-pretation 228
                   Blood and Seminal Stains 245
                   Signs of Death and Changes Following Death 251
                   Time Elapsed since Death 266
                   Sudden Death----Causes and Medico-Legal Aspects 271
                   Time Required for Digestion of Different Foods 281
                   Death from Asphyxia 283
                   Death from Physical Agents (Lightning, Electrical Currents, Cold,
                   Heat and X-Rays) 317
                   Death from Starvation 324
                   Injuries and Wounds in Law 327
                   Injuries in Medicine----Abrasions, Contusions (Bruises),
                   Lacerated Wounds, Incised Wounds 338
                   Regional Injuries 360
                   Forensic Ballistics 373
                   Firearm Injuries 388
                   Fractures, Dislocations and Fracture-Dislocations 409
                   Burns 427
                   Pregnancy and Delivery 439
                   Infanticide and Medico-Legal Aspects of Birth 451
                   Virginity 465
                   Abortion, (Spontaneous, Criminal) Therapeutic, Medical Termination
                   of Pregnancy 467
                   Impotence and Sterility 488
                   Rape 496
                   Unnatural Offences 517
                   Poisons and their Medico-Legal Importance 522
                   Poisons, their Symptoms and Fatal Doses 527
                   Important Poisons----Principal Features 537
                   Consciousness & Unconsciousness and Medico-Legal Importance 550
                   Effect of Alcohol 556
                   Alcohol in Blood and Urine 562
                   Alcohol Determination After Death 564
                   Blood Examination in Prohibition Cases 566
                   Medico-Legal Aspects of Automobile Accident Cases 572
                   Workmen's Compensation 582
                   Damage and Disability----Evaluation and Medico-Legal Considerations 585
                   Consumer Protection Act of 1986 and the Doctors 599
                   Medico-Legal Aspect of Injuries in Cases of Cruelty perpetrated
                   on a Woman by the Husband or his Relatives or
                   Alleged Dowry Deaths 606

                   Glossary of Technical Terms 612
                   Poison 644
                   The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 648
                   The Coroners Act, 1871 673
                   Maharashtra Regulation of Use of Pre-Natal Diagnostic
                   Techniques Act, 1988 686

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