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Practical Lawyer - Digital Edition [Annual Subscription]
by EBC
Edition: Annual Subscription
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Format: eBook
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
Date Added: 2016-10-10
Search Category: ebooks,Journals
Jurisdiction: Indian

The Practical Lawyer-Digital Edition, delivered in electronic form, is formatted identically to the print version. It brings to you, comprehensive, valuable and authentic information about the latest Supreme Court case law. Just like the print edition, the digital edition is a complete guide to legal news, happenings, legal articles, important judgments and updates with added features of easy scrolling, searching and bookmarking, thereby saving your time and energy. Further, a collection of all the 12 issues of a year can serve as a handy referencer for looking up the judgments of that particular year.

One year e-subscription entitles you to 12 issues of the magazine commencing from the month of subscription.

Why subscribe to Practical Lawyer Digital Edition

  • Hassle free subscription to monthly issues of the magazine.
  • Benefit of reduced time to deliver.
  • Do away with the fear of loosing your issues.
  • The digital issues are automatically downloaded to your EBC Reader application soon after the release.
  • Easy to search through them.
  • Easy navigation from one page to another with a scroll bar.
  • Bookmark your pages, and continue reading.

Contents of the Practical Lawyer

  • Monthly Digest of Supreme Court Cases (and LR, WLR & BusLR) – The most recent case law of the Supreme Court in digest form - reproduced from your reliable SCC law report. Now English case law as reported in ‘The Law Reports’, ‘The Weekly Law Reports’ and ‘The Business Law Reports’ is also covered!
  • Legal Roundup – expert views on current issues.
  • Articles on current legal issues.
  • Important Judgments of the month.
  • Important Statutory Enactments of the month.
  • News Briefs – news on law.
  • Notable Excerpts from judgments of the Supreme Court.
  • Legal Quiz.
  • 12 monthly issues in a year.

Available on EBC Reader

You can read your Digital Practical Lawyer on EBC Reader App. EBC Reader is available free of cost on Apple App Store and is compatible with iPad and iPhone.

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