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EBC Learning Course on Transacting Mergers and Acquisitions and
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EBC Learning Course on Transacting Mergers and Acquisitions and "Merger Control In India"

by EBC Learning
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Product Details:

Format: Video,Hardback
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
Date Added: 2022-03-22
Search Category: eProducts,Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


EBC Learning Course on Transacting Mergers and Acquisitions Law Course Online (Premium)

An M&A event is an evolutionary milestone in a company's lifetime. It impacts its human resources, governance, customer relationships, intellectual property, control and management and at times the company's own existence.

A complete M&A transaction is a product of planning, strategy and foresight of the several players involved. Every step in a deal process is essential and if well calibrated has the potential to lead to a win-win situation for the parties concerned.

The course begins by understanding the M&A process and one's role as a lawyer in that process. Then the course moves on to the whole structure of M&A transactions and how to go about them and what are the applicable laws. Mr. Mathur also discusses in detail the drafting of M&A agreements. The acquisition agreements are broken into their components and examined in the context of how they would function in a deal. By the end of this course, one will be well versed with the entire deal process from start to finish, i.e. from the pre-deal stage to post-deal integration and disputes. As a part of the course, Mr. Tarun Mathur has also included several supplements of draft agreements and clauses that will be useful.

Merger Control In India: Law And Practice by Tarun Mathur

Merger Control in India: Law and Practice by Tarun Mathur aim to provide an overview and landscape of the merger control regime in India as it has developed in this decade. This book seeks to offer an introduction and practical insight to the students and practitioners of competition and corporate law about the working of the merger control regime in India. It also intends to undertake the study of the substantive and procedural aspects of the merger control provisions and wherever required, discuss the case laws of the appellate tribunal and the Supreme Court and the decisional practice of the CCI which has developed since the existence of the regime in India.

The following are the other highlights of the book:

1. An in-depth empirical analysis of the trends of the M&A/combination assessment by the CCI.
2. Concise and practical account of the merger control process with the aid of flowcharts and diagrams.
3. Combination filing process and procedure outlines under the applicable statutes.
4. Analysis of tools employed by the antitrust agencies for merger investigations.
5. Detailed analysis of the merger remedies employed by the antitrust agencies.
6. Contains techniques and practical considerations while drafting pre-merger filing notifications

The book contains several tools designed to help the readers and make the legal aspects of merger control law (and competition law in general) more accessible. The book contains a comprehensive glossary, table of cases, table of reports, guidelines and notifications (arranged alphabetically) which gives a quick and useful reference and act as a good ready-reckoner while reading the book.

This book will be immensely useful for legal practitioners, law students, professors, judges, government officials, policy makers, administrators, researchers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and anyone interested in learning about the principles of competition laws.

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