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Bills of Lading in  International Law and Practice (Print on Demand)
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Bills of Lading in International Law and Practice (Print on Demand)

by Justice T K Thommen
Edition: 1985
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Bills of Lading in  International Law and Practice (Print on Demand)
V.D. Mahajan's Constitutional Law of India
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Pages: 109 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 0.63 CM X 16 CM
Publisher Code: B/322
Date Added: 2001-01-01
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


This book is a concise treatise on International law and practice on Bills of Lading. It provides a useful introduction to an important and complex branch of law. It is a scholarly work of high standard. The book comprises a series of lectures delivered by the author at the Department of Law, University of Cochin.

The chief merit of the book, however, lies in the skill employed in examining some of the issues in such a manner that they create interest in the reader and provoke thinking on his part.

A critical analysis and comparative evaluation of the Hague Rules and the Hamburg Rules relating to Bills of Lading are given and have been explained in a lucid manner. No doubt, the indices given in the book facilitate easy reference.


The book is strongly recommended for legal practitioners, law academicians and law students who are involved with this aspect of shipping law.

- Malayan Law Journal, Singapore


Apart from the shipping institutions and authorities, it is a must for every academician.

- Cuttack Law Times


Since, India will soon emerge as a major trading country, the book should prove useful, not only to lawyers, but also to business executives, and its utility is not confined to those in the shipping trade.

Indian Law Institute


The author has succeeded in convincing the message of the subject in plain words. A copy of the book on its own merit, should decorate every law library in India and abroad.

Review Projector

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Table Of Contents:

Table Of Cases Viii

Table Of Statutes Xi

Introduction 1

The Nature And Functions Of A Bill Of Lading 9

Bill Of Lading As A Receipt 10

Bill Of Lading As Evidence Of The Terms Of The Contract 25

Bill Of Lading As A Document Of Title 27

Bill Of Lading For Goods In Chartered Ship 32

Charterparty And Bill Of Lading 32

With Whom Does The Shipper Contract When He Is Not The Charterer? 33

Incorporation Of Charterparty In Bill Of Lading 38

The Hamburg Rules And Bill Of Lading : A General Survey 45

International Unification 53

Application Of The Brussels Convention Of 1924 And The Protocol, 1968 55

State Practice 58

Amendment Of Article X By The Brussels Protocol, 1968 71

Application Of The Hamburg Rules And The Competent Forum 74

Proper Law And Forum Outside The Ambit Of The

International Convention 76

Law Stipulated By The Parties 76

Applicable Law In The Absence Of Stipulation 80

Choice Of Forum 84

Conclusions 86

International Conventions 89

Bibliography 91

Subject Index 93

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