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Butterworths Immigration Law Service
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Contributors: Julia Onslow-Cole, Adam Pipe, Maria-Teresa Gil-Bazo, Greg O'Ceallaigh, Ranjiv Khubber, Diego Arcarazo, Richard McKee, Daniel Sil
Format: Loose-leaf
Publisher: LexisNexis UK
Language: English
ISBN: 9780406996466
Dimensions: 25.00 X 0.79 X 15.00
Shipping Weight: 6.950(Kg)
Publisher Code: 9780406996466
Date Added: 2018-08-08
Search Category: International
Publish Country: United Kingdom
Butterworths Immigration Law Service is compiled by a team of leading immigration experts and offers authoritative guidance on all immigration matters. The Service contains recent and essential statutes, statutory instruments, cases, ministerial circulars and forms relating to every aspect of immigration law, human rights, refugee and asylum law as well as EU treaties, regulations and directives. There are helpful introductions to the main topics, with more detailed comments and annotations in the body of the texts. The practitioner has at hand an extensive, fully cross-referenced collection of source materials and cases, together with key extracts from each judgment. Regularly updated and maintained, the service provides all the legislation needed for effective and reliable research and will enable the immigration practitioner to advise with authority. Three looseleaf volumes, five service issues per year (invoiced separately on publication).

Table Of Contents:
Binder 1: Immigration Materials: Division A - Statutes; Division B - Immigration Rules; Division C - Procedure Rules; Division D - Government and Departmental Statements and Materials; Division E - Statutory Materials; Binder 2: Immigration Materials: Division E - Statutory Materials contd; Division F - European Materials; Immigration Cases: Division I - General: A. Status of rules and orders; B. Interpretation of the rules; C. The status of Home Office policies and concessions; D. Legitimate expectation; E. Returning residents; F. Race relations legislation; Division II - Visitors and Students: A. Vistors; B. Students; Division III - Employment, Business, and Investment-related Immigration Categories and the Points Based System: A. Employment; B. Business and self-employment; C. Retired persons of independent means; Division IV - Family Members: A. Spouses, fiance(e)s, unmarried partners; B. Children; C. Dependent relatives; Division V - Nationality; Division VI - European Cases: The application of the Treaties; Citizens of the Union; Workers and work seekers; Provision and receipt of services and establishment; Family rights; Deportation/Public policy/National security; Rights under Turkish Association Agreement; Rights under the Maghreb Agreements; Division VII - National Security; A. Court's approach to national security; B. Detention and derogation; C. Procedure and evidence; D. Risk on return; E. Proscription and deproscription; Division VIII - Illegal entry, Deportation, Criminal proceedings and bail: A. Illegal entry; B. Deportation; C. Criminal offences; D. Detention and bail; Division IX - Practice and Procedure and Appeals: A. Before the appeal; B. During the appeal; C. Terminations of appeals; D. Onward appeals; Division X - Detention and Bail; Binder 3: Part 1: Asylum Materials: Division 2A - UK Asylum Statutory Materials; Division 2B - UK Asylum Materials; Division 2C - International Asylum Materials; Division 2D - European Asylum Materials; Asylum Cases: Division 2E - UK Asylum Cases; Division 2F - UN Torture Convention Cases; Part 2: Human Rights Materials: Division 3A - International Materials; Division 3B - ECHR - Practice and Procedure; Human Rights Cases; Division 3C - ECtHR - Forms and Precedents; Division 3D - International Law and Human Rights Cases

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