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Understanding Intellectual Property Understanding Intellectual Property
× Understanding Intellectual Property
Understanding Intellectual Property
by Dr. Mathew Thomas
Edition: 2016 Edition
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Understanding Intellectual Property
Constitutional Law: Governance Structure
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 576 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789351454212
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 16 CM
Shipping Weight: 0.780(Kg)
Publisher Code: AC/421,EA/790
Date Added: 2016-09-03
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"...the book is an invaluable addition to the library of every practitioner and court...because it is so plainly written it is also one that will reward the interested lay reader." - Justice G. S. Patel

The book discusses the fundamental principles of Intellectual Property in a concise, clear and easily understandable manner. The range of topics and subject covered is vast including Copyright, Trade Marks, Patents, Geographical Indications, Designs, Plant Variety, Confidential Information and Trade Secrets at both the national and international level. Relevant case law/judicial decisions are given wherever necessary.
The work brings new perspectives to old problems with a practical understanding of the subject. The book answers almost all questions that anyone interested in intellectual property would need.

Special Features:

  • A readymade reference to the subject.
  • Covers the complete syllabus of law schools, Patent Agent Examination, AIBE, Company Secretary and other examinations.
  • Follows question and answer format.
  • Illustrations, diagrams, and tables help understand the key concepts.
  • Includes chapters on useful doctrines, orders and rules and international conventions.
  • Contains the latest Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2016.

This publication comes with additional free online learning resources @ www.ebcexplorer.com, like:

  • Important case law as indicated by Case PilotTM.
  • Important statutes as indicated by Statute PilotTM.
  • Discussion ForumTM. – Discuss, debate and learn outside the classroom.
  • SCC Online BlogTM. – Stay updated on recent happenings of the legal world.
  • UpdatesTM. to access book supplements whenever available.


"The book is quite exhaustive when it comes to topics that are covered by it. The prevalent position in other countries, wherever the same has been discussed, is of great value. Keeping in mind the dynamic nature of this subject, efforts of the author to bring forth a book that addresses such pertinent issues is certainly commendable. The book would prove useful to academicians and practitioners alike."

  Prof. Parikshet Sirohi, CLC University of Delhi

"The book has covered practically all areas of IP, which are often eclipsed by discussion on the core trinity of patents, copyrights and trademarks. Areas such as Plant Variety Protection as well as Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design Protection have been covered with due detail. The reviewer recommends this book to all beginners and believes that it can serve as the basis of teaching to first time learners of intellectual property."

 Krishna Deo Singh, Assistant Prof. (SS), COLS, UPES, Dehradun


"This book explains the fundamentals of IP law in a clear, concise and coherent manner. There is a sincere attempt on the part of the author who has tried to explain the concepts in a very unique form by answering all the possible questions that may arise in the mind of a student or IP professional with respect to intellectual property. The book incorporates all the latest amendments and the use of case laws from US, UK and India..." - Mayank Kapila, Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, Noida

"Comprehensively written & well illustrated also covers international aspects. Section wise detailing of index may invite more students to go through the book..." - Dr. (Mrs.) Shiva Satish Sharda, Assistant Professor, Army Institute of Law, Mohali.

 "The updated list of relevant case-law and use of tables while discussing important concepts and procedural details in regard to various forms of IPR make it instructional for young academic cohorts. The separate chapters dedicated to damages in IP, the selected doctrines across jurisdictions and the discussion on international conventions related to IP is what makes it relevant by way of textbook standards." - Sunitha Tripathy, Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean (Student Initiatives) Centre for IPR Studies.


 The book, Understanding Intellectual Property is a comprehensive collection of chapters covering all forms of Intellectual property. It is written in a lucid and organised manner. The book is recommended for law students and for all the people interested in learning the spheres of intellectual property. - Kuhu Tiwari, Assistant Lecturer, Hidayatullah National Law University

 The book offers a noble impression of the feild of intellectual property. The language is effortless to read and the explanations are painless to follow. It is an excellent and logical book to intellectual property, but can also be used for reference and provide a catalyst for further reasearch. - Nidhi Singh, Assistant Professor, Amity University

The book specifically follows critical concepts and confusions arising out of it and the author has successfully addressed those important notions with the help of different examples, pictoral representations, charts and tables. The book is helpful for students, professionals (patent agents, company secretaries, lawyers, advocates, etc.)not only to prepare for examination but also to practice in the profession. It is an expedient orientation to Intellectual Property Laws.- Ujwal Nandekar, Reasearch Assistant and Scholar, Symbiosis Law School, Pune. 

This book is very informative and written in a lucid, organized manner. The book considers recent problems and debates, thus engaging the reader and providing a fresh approach to the subject. - Dr. Shaiwal Satyarthi, Assistant Professor of Law, CNLU, Bihar.

Encapsulates the basics of Intellectual Property, the articulation is simple and easy for law students to comprehend. The book has incorporated different forms expression and tool to elucidate specific portions such as few charts to explain procedural topics. - Anchal Mittal, Research Officer, SGT University.

The distinctive aspect of the book is that it covers almost all categories of Intellectual Property (IP) and still manages to go beyond the mere explanation of the provisions in the bare acts and explains the concepts through case laws and illustrations. - Priya Anuragini.

Additional features that sets the book apart from its contemporaries are the chapters that deal with damages as well as useful doctrines, orders and rules-these allow a student to obtain preliminary understanding on a new concept while allowing room for further research - Dr. Athira P S, Director, Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, National University of Advanced Legal Studies.

A law graduating student preparing for exam will find this book as a great help since it covers all important aspects of various kinds of IPR. - Lisa P. Lukose, Associate Professor, USLLS, GGSIPU

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