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Crisp Introduction to International Law Crisp Introduction to International Law
× Crisp Introduction to International Law
Crisp Introduction to International Law
by Fatima Mujawar
Edition: 2016 Edition
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The current work is an introductory book with the objective to introduce international law to students and general readers as well. The author very lucidly explains the subject so that it becomes easy to understand for all. The book briefly presents the most important aspects of International Law. The subject has been covered from fundamental, overriding principles of international law to customary law and the United Nations philosophy.

Salient Features:

  • Covers all the essential topics with right amount of detail.
  • The topics have been presented in a simple and systematic manner.
  • Written in an easy to understand language.
  • Will prove to be immensely useful to law students, students going for Model United Nations competitions (MUN).
  • A complete reading of this book will give a firm base from which detailed study of particular topics can be taken up.


“Since Public International Law evolved out of jus natural, which was a body of recognized universal customs, it becomes difficult to discern its [public international law’s] principles as each principle has been recognized at different places and different times. It goes to the credit of Ms. Fatima Mujawar that she has crisply reformulated in her book 'Crisp Introduction to International Law' the basic principles of Public International Law. Without much verbiage, the book tersely enunciates principles of public international law applicable to different situations. The book covers the subject from jus cogens to customary law, to the United Nations ethos. In this small book of about 100 pages, Ms. Fatima Mujawar has managed to concisely crystallize the fundamental principles of Public International Law.

The attempt of the learned author is quite commendable. The book is sure to be of great use to students and others who intend to get a broad perspective of Public International Law.”- Extracted from the Foreword by Justice B.N. Srikrishna, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India

About the Author

Fatima Mujawar is an advocate based out of Mumbai. She founded the law firm Legal Front in early 2015. Prior to this, she worked with reputed law firms in Mumbai. She is keenly interested in academia and research. As such, apart from completing her LL.B. from GLC, Mumbai, she also acquired a Master’s in English Literature. This gives her a unique advantage of presenting mundane legal concepts in an engaging easy to read style. Her fields of interest are all branches of civil law with particular emphasis on Contract Laws, Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law, Arbitration Laws and Intellectual Property Laws. Public International Law has been one of her pet topics for research and as such she has continually been engaged with subject by regularly mentoring and judging teams participating in international law moots. She also loves to write on topics of legal and general interests. Her articles regularly feature in law magazines.



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Table Of Contents:

1. By Way of Introduction

2. To Bind by International Law

3. Subjects under International Law

4. Sovereignty and Its Implications — Jurisdiction and Immunities

5. State Responsibility

6. The UN Ethos 


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