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Indian Conveyancer
by G C Mogha
Edition: 15th Edition, 2022
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Product Details:
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 1042 pages
Publisher: Eastern Law House
Language: English
ISBN: 9788171773725
Dimensions: 24.2 X 16 X 3.66 CM
Shipping Weight: 1.000(Kg)
Publisher Code: 9788171773725
Date Added: 2012-01-08
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

Deed writers in India and mostly untrained and having no proper knowledge of modern legislations but they are only conversant with certain set of various kinds of deeds in common use in the country and they acquired by experience the knock of adapting them two their requirements. So proper model deeds drafted by experienced and qualified person are very much helpful for the young practitioners to reflect properly the intention of the parties in the deed.

The instant edition of this classic work is now stepping in its 15th Edition. The work is thoroughly revised and updated. All the important judgments of the apex court and those of different High Courts are incorporated to acquaint the readers with the current status of the law. For the demand of the day chapters on Insolvency & Bankruptcy and Intellectual Property Rights are being included. Some new precedents have been added whereas some of the precedents which are not relevant now have been omitted. Every efforts have been made to maintain the standard of its earlier editions. This thoroughly revised and updated edition of the celebrated work will certainly meet the specific need of the budding lawyers as well as the busy practitioners.

Table Of Contents:

• Introduction
• General Forms
• Acknowledgement
• Adoption
• Agreements
• Apprenticeship
• Arbitration
• Assignment of Actionable Claims and of Decrees, etc
• Attorney, Power of
• Bond
• Compromise, Composition and Family Settlement
• Declaration
• Easements
• Exchange
• Foreign Collaboration
• Franchise
• Gift
• Guarantee
• Hire and Hire Purchase
• Indemnity
• Lease
• Licence
• Mortgage, Charge, Hypothecation and Pledge
• Negotiable Instruments
• Notice
• Partition
• Partnership
• Patents
• Receipts
• Rectification and Modifications of Deeds
• Release, Relinquishment, Disclaimer
• Rescission of Contract
• Sale
• Sale of Goods
• Separation Deed
• Service Contracts
• Trusts including Settlements, Endowments and Waqfs
• Wills

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