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Higher Studies in Law: How and Where To Apply Higher Studies in Law: How and Where To Apply
× Higher Studies in Law: How and Where To Apply
Higher Studies in Law: How and Where To Apply
by Joshua Aston
Edition: 1st, 2020
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Higher Studies in Law: How and Where To Apply
Acing Internships - A Practical Guide
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 296 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9788194284833
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Higher Studies in Law by Joshua Aston is an indispensable guide for students willing to pursue higher studies in law. The book exhaustively covers the Postgraduate degree programmes in law (LL M, BCL, etc.), Doctorate degree programmes in law, Advanced Postgraduate Research Degree, Juris Doctor Degree, etc.

The author has discussed topics ranging from the do’s and don’t while filling out the application form to the law school admission policies and practices. The readers will get all information about personal statements, CVs, writing samples, interviews, recommendation letters and their role in securing admission. English Language Proficiency is a prerequisite for securing admission in law school. The book discusses about the various tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 

Getting a visa is another important task as this is the final passport to enter the country where one has secured admission. As going for higher studies has become expensive, the author has discussed about the cost involved and how to pay for it. The option of scholarships, grants and fellowship sources, tuition discounts, etc. have also been discussed.

The book also enlightens about things which students should know while living abroad and also guides students in securing a job or enrolling in the Bar after completion of studies. 

The book in its appendices contains details about scholarships, grants and fellowship sources, exhaustive information about specialisations offered at law schools, and postal address/contact details of law schools. Further, information on the number of seats available, duration of the course, admission criteria, application fee, dissertation and internship requirements, tuition fees, cost of living, etc. of prominent law schools is also covered.

The book will prove to be useful to students willing to pursue a career in law.


Extracts from the foreword

This book provides requisite details regarding LLM, JSD/SJD, M Phil, PhD, DPhil, etc. in major universities of the world … the book gives a concrete outline to the admission procedure, required documents for admission, approximate expenses to travel and stay … major Bar Examinations … Grants and scholarships available ...

I am certain that this book will definitely help the students to advance their higher studies in law with ease and achieve success in their career.

Prof. (Dr) Francis S.L. Wang

President/Chairman, International Association of Law Schools

Table Of Contents:


1. Legal Education System . 

2. An Introduction to Higher Studies in Law 

3. Postgraduate Degree Programmes in Law (LL M, BCL, etc.) 

4. LL M Programme Application 

5. LL M Thesis and Legal Communication Course 

6. Doctorate Degree Programmes in Law 

7. Advanced Postgraduate Research Degree

8. Juris Doctor (JD) Degree 

9. Law School Admission Policies and Practices 

10. Choosing the Law School 

11. Personal Statements, CVs, Writing Samples and Interviews 

12. Recommendation Letters 

13. English Language Proficiency Requirements 

14. Scholarships, Tuition Discounts and Other  Funding for Students

15. Receiving the Law School’s Response 

16. Student Visas and Other Immigration Related Documents 

17. Cost Involved in Higher Studies and How to Pay for It 

18. Living Abroad: Things International Students Should Know 

19. Getting a Job, Opting for Bar or Achieving  Other Career Goal 


I. Scholarships, Grants and Fellowship Sources

II. Specialisations Offered at Law Schools 

III. Specific Law School Details 

IV. Higher Education Degree Requirements at  Major Law Schools 

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