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Simply, Legal! Contracts
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Simply, Legal! Contracts

by Shweta Vishwanathan
Edition: 2021
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Simply, Legal! Contracts
Simply, Legal! Torts
Simply, Legal! Penal Code
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Pages: 360 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9788194800422
Dimensions: 24 X16 X 1.5 CM
Publisher Code: AE/058, EA/2269
Date Added: 2021-03-23
Search Category: Textbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


"Shweta Vishwanathan is a gold medallist from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. When she decided to help out other kids like her, who didn't want to be Doctors or Engineers, the Simply, Legal series evolved. Following her passion for sports, she currently works as an Assistant Director, at the Sports Authority of India and is based out of Delhi."

Shweta Vishwanathan's Law of Contracts is part of EBC's Simply, Legal! series. The author has made an excellent effort to convey the concepts, contours, and conundrums of the basic branch of the law of Contracts. The narrative style of the book is simple and very easy to understand. By using illustrations effectively, the author has made the book highly entertaining to read.

The book is divided into 14 chapters and covers all the topics taught under Contract Law. The first chapter illustrates the difference between Agreements and Contracts followed by chapters on Offer, Acceptance, and Lawful Consideration. From Chapter 5 onwards, the author has covered the Capacity to Contract, Free Consent, Lawful Object, and Void Agreements. Discharge of Contract, Damages for Breach, Quasi Contract, Basics of Special Contracts, and Specific Relief Act are covered. Bare Acts of Contract Law and Specific Relief Act are also included in this book for the benefit of the readers. In the context of the Covid situation, the application of the force majeure clause has been discussed by the author.

In this book, the principles of Contract Law are linked with everyday examples so that it is reiterated that law is all around you and not some isolated, complicated thing standing by itself. This book will also help the reader to think like a lawyer by comprehending the various principles of contract, applying it to a given situation, and getting the answer as per the law.

This book is useful not just for novices who are not initiated into law but also for senior lawyers and judges who want to brush up on their fundamentals over a period of time.

Table Of Contents:

Table of Cases

1. Agreements and Contracts
2. Offer
3. Acceptance
4. Consideration
5. Capacity to Contract
6. Free Consent
7. Lawful Object
8. Void Agreements
9. Discharge of Contract
10. Damages for Breach
11. Quasi Contracts
12. Basics of Special Contracts
13. Specific Relief Act, 1963
14. Conclusion


I. Contract Act, 1872
II. Specific Relief Act, 1963

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