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The Humanitarians
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The Humanitarians

by David P. Forsythe
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Pages: 372 pages
Date Added: 2006-08-31
Search Category: Lawbooks


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) coordinates the world's largest private relief system for conflict situations. Its staff operates throughout the world, and in recent years the ICRC has mounted large operations in the Balkans and Somalia. Yet despite its very important role its internal workings are mysterious and often secretive. This book examines the ICRC from its origins in the mid-nineteenth century up to the present day, and provides a comprehensive overview of a unique private organisation, whose governing body remains all-Swiss, but which is recognized in international law as if it were an inter-governmental organization. David Forsythe focuses on the policy making and field work of the ICRC, while not ignoring international humanitarian law. He explores how it exercises its independence, impartiality, and neutrality to try to protect prisoners in Iraq, displaced and starving civilians in Somalia, and families separated by conflict in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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Table Of Contents:

Part I. Historical Analysis: 
1. The ICRC during its early years 2. The ICRC during the Cold War 3. The ICRC after the Cold War 4. The ICRC and the US ‘war’ on terrorism Part II. Policy Analysis:
5. ICRC principles and policies 6. ICRC structure and management 7. The ICRC and international humanitarian law Part III.Conclusion:
8. The ICRC and Red Cross humanitarianism Annex A: The ICRC and the Red Cross Movement
Annex B: The ICRC and Selected Private Relief Agencies
Annex C:The ICRC: One of the Big Four Relief Agencies
Annex D: The ICRC and Selected Advocacy Groups
Annex E: The ICRC Organizational Chart
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