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Human Rights: Contemporary Issues - A Festschrift in the Honour of Professor Upendra Baxi
By V K Ahuja
  1st Edition, 2019
Human Rights: Contemporary Issues is a Festschrift in the honour of well-known jurist Professor Upendra Baxi, who contributed substantially to the human rights jurisprudence over the...

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The Justice Dipak Misra Reader (In 4 Volumes)
By Sumeet Malik and Sudeep Malik
  Vol 1 to 3 (2018), Vol 4 (2023)
The Justice Dipak...

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The Justice Dipak Misra Reader (Volume 4)
By Sumeet Malik and Sudeep Malik
  Volume 4, 2023

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Human Rights and Constitution of India
By Rahul Kandharkar
  1st Edition, 2023
PART I: THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS ACT, 1993 PreliminaryThe National Human Rights...

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Leading Cases on Human Rights & Social Justice
By Pramod Kumar Singh, Sanju Singh
  1st Edition, 2023
Leading Cases on Human Rights & Social Justice Alongwith

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Law Relating to Human Rights
By Nayan Joshi

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International Trade, Human Rights And Sustainble Development
By Rajendra Kaur
  1st Edition, 2019
\"International Trade, Human Rights and Sustainable Development: An Entangled Trinity necessary for a Nation\'s Development\" is the collection of Prize winning essays of Surana between...

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The Law Of Human Rights
By Azimkhan B. Pathan, Deepak Kumar Srivastava
  1st Edition, 2017

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Dialectics & Dynamics of Human Rights in India (Tagore Law Lectures)The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
By V.R. Krishna Iyer
  1st Edition 1999, Reprinted 2018
In this work the author makes an in-depth study of the concept, foundation and the escalating emergence of Human Rights in the background of our religious culture and the catastrophe of World War II and birth of the...

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