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Neither Roses nor Thorns Neither Roses nor Thorns
Neither Roses nor Thorns
by H.R. Khanna
Edition: 1987 with Reprinted 2021
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Neither Roses nor Thorns
Fundamental Rights Case:  The Critics Speak!
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Product Details:
Format: e-book/Hardbound
Pages: 224 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789387487451, 9789390715206
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 0.79 CM X 16 CM
Shipping Weight: 2.000(Kg)
Publisher Code: AC/745, EA/781, AD/520
Date Added: 2018-12-08
Search Category: eBooks,Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

(30th Anniversary Edition)

When Justice Khanna delivered his dissenting judgement in the famous Habeas Corpus case, the New York Times in an editorial wrote about him : "If India ever finds its way back to freedom and democracy that proud hallmark of its first 18 years, someone will surely erect a monument to justice H.R. Khanna of the Supreme Court."

In this forthright autobiography of his life, Justice Khanna lays bare the influences that shaped his life and made him the great man that he is. An outstanding judge and jurist, an undaunted man of conviction and independent views, Justice Khanna's life is one for every Indian to emulate today, and his autobiography for every Indian to read.



  • Indian Judicial Reports:
    The reason for writing this autobiography as given by the author is quite simple yet persuasive. He thinks : 'he has a tale to tell which may be of interest to others'. Written in very simple, cogent and lucid manner, the story of Justice Khanna offers an intelligent and refreshing material. Devoid of complexities and egoistic assertions, the contents bear freshness and serenity. The author, Justice H.R.Khanna, will be remembered in the annals of Indian Judiciary as one of the most outstanding and courageous judge. It was he alone who, by his bold dissenting opinion in Habeas Corpus case attempted to revive the otherwise suspended fundamental rights of citizens during the emergency era. Indeed Justice Khanna reached his finest glory and highest judicial wisdom when he held: "The suspension of the right to enforce Article 21 could not have greater effect than the repeal of Article 21."
    One can learn from reading the book that during his 25 silvery years of judicial career, he rendered many epoch making judgements which became milestones.
  • Cuttack Law Times:
    His autobiography is full of picturesque scenes of social reality and judicial attitudes. The individual faiths and principles versus the circumstantial forces or situations, pulls and pressures, is the theme of the story of Mr. Khanna's life that is depicted in the book. Every lover of justice, every worshipper of individual liberty should read the book to strengthen one's faith.
  • All India Reporter:
    The book under review is a bouquet of roses having thorns as well, the bouquet essentially meaning the compilation of different articles by the author. The articles though related to different topics can be said to have blossomed from a single type of bud; the bud being the memories of the author.
  • Tribune:
    'Neither Roses Nor Thorns' reveals a man who is deeply thoughtful, gentle and firm of purpose, of strong moral principles without being flamboyant or even mildly demonstrative. Those of us, who have known Khanna, in or outside judicial office, have found him pleasant and warm of heart. As a man who sacrificed the highest honour that a person in the judicial profession in this country can aspire to and did not project himself as a hero, the author of 'Neither Roses Nor Thorns' must belong to a very tiny minority indeed. No wonder he has won such abounding public esteem in the 10 years since he retired form the Supreme Court.
  • Organiser:
    Justice Khanna, who in the words of an eminent columnist, is so clean a man that he makes angels look dishevelled and dirty.


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Table Of Contents:
  • My Father 1
  • Grandmother 6
  • Days in the Profession 9
  • Glamour in Court - Some Unusual Clients 14
  • Notable Figures of Amritsar Bar 17
  • Some Prominent Muslims of Amritsar 20
  • Communal Riots of 1947 25
  • From Bar to Bench 32
  • Kalka Firing Enquiry 37
  • Dalmia Case 39
  • District and Sessions Judge, Delhi 43
  • Punjab High Court 46
  • Partap Singh Kairon 51
  • Orissa Enquiry 55
  • Chief Justice of High Court 60
  • Supreme Court 62
  • Visit to Australia 66
  • Mrs. Gandhi's Election Appeal 71
  • Attempt to Reconsider Kesavananda Bharati's case 73
  • Minority Rights 76
  • Habeas Corpus Case 79
  • Resignation from the Court 83
  • March 1977 90
  • Chairmanship of Law Commission 97
  • Visit to Europe 106
  • Centre-State Relations 116
  • UGC Membership 122
  • A Meeting to Remember 124
  • Minister for Three Days 127
  • Sanjay Gandhi 133
  • Candidate in Presidential - Election 137
  • Looking Back at Three Score and Ten 143
  • 1984 - Postscript 150
  • Mahja and His Son 163
  • Bhagat Ji 165
  • Bharpur Singh 167
  • Vidya Ram 169
  • A Minister Falters 171
  • A Date with the Tiger 173
  • A Trip to Kalpa Valley 176
  • Leading a Dancing Troupe 178
  • Trespassers Will be Eaten 180
  • Co existence in Kaziranga 183
  • The Capital of Nagaland 185
  • A Pleasant Encounter 187
  • Made for Each Other 189
  • Execution of Bhutto 192
  • Tragedy of Assam 194
  • C.K. Dapthary 196
  • Israel Investigating Commission 198
  • Salute to Yasuo Kato 199

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