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The Justice Dipak Misra Reader (In 4 Volumes)
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The Justice Dipak Misra Reader (In 4 Volumes)

by Sumeet Malik and Sudeep Malik
Edition: Vol 1 to 3 - 2018 and Vol 4 - 2023
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Product Details:

Format: Hardback
Pages: 4044 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789388206099, 9789388206105, 9789388206112, 9788119114436
Dimensions: 24 X 16 X 17.5 CM
Publisher Code: AC/611, AC/610, AC/609, AG/443
Date Added: 2023-09-02
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


The Justice Dipak Misra Reader exemplifies the unique and comprehensive law and jurisprudence enunciated by Hon'ble Chief Justice Dipak Misra through his judgments on certain key issues faced by our Nation and our People today.

The work is an anthology of his judgments in seven prolific/remarkable years at the Supreme Court. The priceless compilation has been crafted to retain the original headnotes, pagination and paragraphing of the judgments as published in SCC. By citing the cases included in the books directly in court aggrieved persons can seek relief in the appropriate court based on volumes of The Reader.


"I must say that I enjoyed reading the judgments and benefitted learning the law in many areas I have not been familiar with. I am sure that will be the experience of the readers as well."

- Prof. (Dr) N.R. Madhava Menon

Table Of Contents:

  • VOL 1: CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES, REMEDIES AND COMPENSATION:  The cases collated in  Vol.1 relate to Constitutional Governance beyond the express words of the Constitution, in accordance with "Constitutional Morality" i.e. the Spirit that animates the Letter of the Constitution. This volume contains cases on key issues like the appointment of Ministers of the Union and the States, or even the Equitable Distribution of Water Resources between Peoples of different States, when Compensation can be claimed in Public Law for breach of Public Law Duties by State Actors, and the boundaries of Freedom of Speech and Expression laid down: on questions of obscenity, defamation and outraging of religious feeling.


  • VOL 2: HUMAN RIGHTS, SOCIAL REFORM AND ANIMAL WELFARE: PRINCIPLES, REMEDIES AND COMPENSATION:  In the area of Human Rights and Social Reform, the cases in Vol. 2 relate to the Empowerment of Women and Children and to the Protection of their Body, Soul and Spirit. His learned judgments reveal a deep compassion and a willingness to speak up and take the necessary stringent action to empower and protect the weak including animals. This volume collates judgments on cases such as the award of proportional punishment for rape or other sexual offenses, including the death sentence when particularly gruesome rape is followed by murder; or actuating the law against Female Foeticide and Infanticide, or their Freedom to Marry whomsoever they choose, free from Honour Killing and Honour Crimes; or ensuring Gender Justice in the Family Court and at the Workplace.


  • VOL 3: The learned judgments in Vol. 3 clarify important issues in various areas of Criminal Law and Procedure, and Arbitration, Commercial and Civil Law in addition to crafting completely new judgments in these crucial areas of law. These cases have been collated in the two parts of Vol 3.


  • VOL 4: The Volume 4 work is a compilation of judgments of Justice Dipak Misra, rendered initially as a Judge and later as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, organised subject-wise, giving a comprehensive view of his contribution to various branches of law and the Constitution.


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