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Supreme Court on Criminal Procedure Code and Criminal Trial (1950 to 2021) (in 8 Volumes)
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Supreme Court on Criminal Procedure Code and Criminal Trial (1950 to 2021) (in 8 Volumes)

by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
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Supreme Court on Criminal Procedure Code and Criminal Trial (1950 to 2021) (in 8 Volumes) 0 Reviews | Write A Review
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Supreme Court on Criminal Procedure Code and Criminal Trial (1950 to 2021) (in 8 Volumes)
Supreme Court on Penal Code Collection (in 5 Volumes)
Supreme Court on Evidence Act (In 4 Volumes) (1950 to 2018)
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Format: Hardback/ eBook
Pages: 10816 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789351452232, 9789394364820
Dimensions: 24 CM X 7.3 CM X 16 CM
Publisher Code: AF/485, AF/475, AF/479, AF/477, AF/472, AF/483, AF/484, AF/492
Date Added: 2023-03-24
Search Category: Lawbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


This eight-volume exhaustive Digest on the subject of Criminal Procedure Code and Criminal Trial is a complete source for the entire case law on the subject, from 1950 till date as laid down by the Supreme Court.

The Digest has been conceived and planned on the time-tested SCC index system to enable the discovery of all the rulings, easily and quickly.

Under the Criminal Procedure Code, of 1973, case law has been digested section-wise. A few sections have been clubbed together with a common synopsis, to enable systematic and convenient research on the closely related provisions of law. Sections which have been clubbed in this manner are: Sections 125 to 128 dealing with a Magistrate's power to award maintenance; Sections 155 to 159 dealing with the power and conduct of the investigation by the police; and Sections 161 and 162 dealing with the examination of witnesses by police. Furthermore, a synopsis of the case law has been given under Sections 154, 164, 167, 197, 378, 386, 406, 437, 438, 439, and 482, due to a large number of rulings thereunder.

Further, case law has also been digested under: Criminal Procedure Code, 1861; Criminal Procedure Code,1872; Criminal Procedure Code, 1882; Criminal Procedure Code, 1898; and the Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment Bill), 1994.

Very often there are rulings of the Supreme Court that do not fit simply under sections of CrPC, and a more intuitive approach is required for those who are yet to master the complexities of CrPC. Hence, an intuitive topic-wise synopsis has been created under "Criminal Trial" to make the case law accessible in a simpler and intuitive way.

The Ultimate Source of the Complete Supreme Court case law on the subject!

1. Accused/Summoning of Additional Accused/ Rights of Accused;
2. Appeal;
3. Appreciation of Evidence;
4. Attachment/Seizure/Forfeiture/Confiscation of Property;
5. Bail;
6. Charge/Charge-sheet/Framing of Charge/ Discharge;
7. Circumstantial Evidence;
8. Clues and Tell-Tale Signs/Forensics;
9. Defence;
10. Dying Declaration;
11. Examination;
12. Expert Evidence;
13. Fair and Speedy Trial;
14. FIR/Delay/Infirmities/Errors in lodging/ filing FIR;
15. Investigation; Medical Jurisprudence/ Evidence;
16. Practice and Procedure;
17. Proof;
18. Quashment; Remand to custody/Detention; Retrial/De novo trial;
19. Review/Recall;
20. Revision;
21. Sanction for Investigation, Prosecution or Trial; Search and Seizure;
22. Sentence; Summons/Issuance of Process;
23. Victim/Victimology/Witnesses.
24. Victim/Victimology/Witnesses.

This systematic, analytical and comprehensive eight-volume digest will be of immense use for the courts, legal professionals and members of the Bench.

Table of Cases Digested

  • Volumes 1 to 5 - Criminal Procedure Code, 1973.
  • Volume 5 - Criminal Procedure Code, 1898.
  • Volumes 6 to 8 - Criminal Trial.
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