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Supreme Court Cases (Labour & Services) (Bound) - SCC (L&S) (Bound) 2024 Annual Subscription
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Supreme Court Cases (Labour & Services) (Bound) - SCC (L&S) (Bound) 2024 Annual Subscription

by EBC
Edition: Half Yearly

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Supreme Court Cases (Labour & Services) (Bound) - SCC (L&S) (Bound) 2024 Annual Subscription 6 Reviews | Write A Review
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  • SCC (Labour and Services) 2024 (In 2 Bound Volumes), Annual Subscription
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Supreme Court Cases (Labour & Services) (Bound) - SCC (L&S) (Bound) 2024 Annual Subscription
Supreme Court Yearly Digest 2005
Supreme Court Cases (Criminal) - SCC (Cri) 2024 Annual Subscription
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 0253-6552
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 3.66 CM X 16 CM
Date Added: 2023-09-19
Search Category: Journals
Jurisdiction: Indian


Supreme Court Cases? (Labour & Services), a monthly journal from the publishers of Supreme Court Cases? provides extensive coverage of all reportable and non-reportable judgments, of the Supreme Court of India on Labour and Services matters, including many cases not reported elsewhere. The law report, started in 1973, is today published in two volumes a year.

SCC? (Labour & Services) is widely regarded by practitioners, professionals, commercial establishments, factories, labour courts, government offices and employees in the public as well as private sector, as a prime source of reference for Supreme Court judgments on labour and services cases.

Each issue of SCC? (Labour & Services) contains:

  • All cases on Labour & Services Law decided in the Supreme Court together with the full text of the judgment.
  • Headnotes containing keywords summarising the main issues discussed and extracting the legal rulings in the case and a list of cases referred to in the judgment.
  • Detailed cross-referencing, with extensive references to established case law.
  • A key word index for ease of use.
  • Topic heading for case law not falling under any statute.

Why Supreme Court Cases? (Labour & Services)?

Comprehensive for the Labour & Services practitioner
Extensive coverage of case law at one place saves valuable research time. SCC? (Labour & Services) provides you with the most comprehensive coverage of Supreme Court judgments on labour and services which includes pension, allowances, wages, service rules and regulations, recruitments, appointment, suspension, dismissal, reinstatement, industrial disputes, child labour etc.

Reliable and most frequently cited
SCC? (Labour & Services) is universally acknowledged to be far more accurate than any other law report and is relied upon by the entire legal community for its excellence in reporting quality and authenticity. It brings with it the reliability of Supreme Court Cases? and is cited in most commentaries and text books.

A complete service
SCC? (Labour & Services) gives you the most comprehensive coverage of Supreme Court case law on all labour and services matters. A complete set of back volumes of SCC? (Labour & Services) keeps you equipped with Supreme Court case law from 1973 till date.

Latest commentary
SCC? (Labour & Services) contains articles on current topics of interest, incisive case comments and editorial notes. Authoritative articles contributed by eminent personalities published in its journal section, cover labour and services matters with lucid explanations and expert comments.

SCC? (Labour & Services), a quality product from the SCC? family, is available at a nominal price to update you on the latest case law of the Supreme Court on all labour and services matters.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Table of Cases Reported
  • Table of Cases Cited
  • Reports
  • Subject Index
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