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Liberty and Corruption (Print on Demand)
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Liberty and Corruption (Print on Demand)

by Upendra Baxi
Edition: 1989
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Liberty and Corruption (Print on Demand) 2 Reviews | Write A Review
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Product Details:

Format: Hardback
Pages: 185 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 817012395X
Dimensions: 24 X 3 X 17 CM
Publisher Code: B/395, EA/2685
Date Added: 2001-01-01
Search Category: Lawbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


This work lays bare the emergent political economy of corruption in India and the rather effective role of the judicial process and power in the resurrection of democratic values in public life.

Basing his premise on an analysis of the famous Antulay case, the author goes on to illustrate how anti-corruption laws in India tend to protect rather than punish the corrupt.

Regarding the Antulay case, as next only in importance to the Kesavananda Bharti case, the work raises critical issues concerning the erosion of democracy in India and the fate of Indian Law and jurisprudence. It seeks to restore to the political agenda, a lost cause: rectitude and integrity in the wielding of public power in India. The book highlights ways in which conscientious citizens should endeavor to redeem the future of Indian democracy by campaigns for law reform. The work explores both the jurisprudence of corruption and the corruption of jurisprudence.

"...my labor of writing and of your reading the book, should help the production of a new Indian destiny." Upendra Baxi


Baxi's book is a good case study that throws much meaningful light on the working of the judicial system in India. It shows how a resourceful litigant can frustrate litigation for corruption against him and how he benefits from the over-pluralistic nature of the court processes. It also tells you how and why litigation gets bogged down in technicalities.

-Indian Law Institute

The work by the esteemed author is juristic and also thought-provoking. The index provided at the end facilitates easy reference. The prime concern of the author regarding the eradication of corruption from high levels in the larger interest of society is reflected throughout the work even though the discussions at various stages are very deep. The publishers deserve appreciation for getting the book printed in good form.

-Academy Law Review

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Table Of Contents:

  • The Jurisprudence of Corruption and Corruption of Jurisprudence
  • The Complex Chronology of the Antulay Case
  • Charges against Abdul Rehman Antulay : Antulay
  • The Burden of Proof in Anti-Corruption Writ Proceedings: Redeeming the Future
  • The Amniocentic Power to Prosecute
  • The Gubernatorial Agonies in Sanctioning the Prosecution of a Chief Minister
  • Are Legislators Public Servants?
  • Private Prosecution for Corruption Offences
  • Power to Notify a Special Court
  • The Jurisprudence of Good Manners and a Cryptic Court
  • The Twelve Tables of Antulay VII
  • On the Will to Judicial Power
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of the Supreme Court in Antulay IV
  • The Side Winds of Nullity
  • Conclusion: The Tasks Ahead
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