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Law Lexicon with Maxims + Thus Spake Their Lordships (SCC) 1969-2018
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Law Lexicon with Maxims + Thus Spake Their Lordships (SCC) 1969-2018

by Sumeet Malik
Edition: 1st Edition 2016, Reprinted 2023 and 2nd Edition, 2018
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Product Details:

Format: Flixi-bound/Hardback
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789351453437, 9789388206082
Dimensions: 24.2 X 16.7 CM X 9.3 CM
Publisher Code: AC/343, AC/608
Date Added: 2021-07-14
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


Law Lexicon with Maxims Including words from Indian Languages

This unique legal dictionary contains words, phrases and maxims as defined or interpreted by courts or legislatures. The work includes even those 'Obscure words' which have lost their usage over the period of time, to update the readers about existence of such historically relevant words.

Selling Points:

  1. A complete referencer for statutory definitions, inter-related terms and concepts and their differences.
  2. Includes words and phrases as defined or interpreted by Indian and foreign courts.
  3. Every definition entry comes with a proper source, which will make citing it or referring to it easier.
  4. Includes words from Wharton's Law Lexicon, 1911, and if the word is defined in an Act, then the meaning is also added.
  5. Inclusion of words from Wilson's Glossary makes the readers aware of colloquial terms still in use in the practice of Law.
  6. List of Cases and List of all the Abbreviations used in the book has been included to make the use easy.
  7. Elegantly produced, printed with imported leatherette soft touch flexi-bound cover with superior printing on imported Bible paper.

Thus Spake Their Lordships- Quotable Quotes from Supreme Court CasesTM (SCC) 1969-2018

The present work, a compilation of gems of sublime thought and felicitous expression, embodies the aspirations and values of our developing law. These gems are worthy of being cited and deserve to be treasured

These legal quotations relate to many aspects of law and life, from idealist to downright practical. Some express their views on role of the State and the Judiciary, some on individual rights and freedoms, others remark on nation building.

These words by the Supremes will hopefully make millions think. This work will benefit the judges, advocates, researchers, academicians, and others interested in law.

Salient Features:

  1. Provides reference of cases where the quotations occur to access the appropriate quotation or principle with ease.
  2. The qualitative paradigm is clearly spelt out.
  3. The arrangement is topic-wise and sub-topic wise to easily find a quotation.
  4. The search of a quotation is made expedient with an extensive word index which also includes lists Articles of the Constitution and Sections of Acts.
  5. Readers can even locate quotes of their idol Judges with the help of "Judge Index".
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