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Treatise on Criminal Law
By K.K. Dutta
  2nd Edition, 1987¬†¬†with Supplement 1990
The main objective of the book is to give authoritative answers to every day problems in criminal law justice and administration. The author has carefully studied and noted the...

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R.A. Gregory's  Identification of Disputed Documents, Fingerprints and Ballistics
By Revised K. Kumar
  5th Edition, 2005 (POD)
Originally written by Russell A. Gregory out of his three decades of experience and expertise, the fourth edition of this popular book has been ably revised by Shri K. Kumar. It completely covers...

Paperback: Rs. 750.00  Rs. 638.00
Arms Ammunitions and Explosives by A.N. Gaur
By A.N. Gaur
  4th Edition, 1985 (POD)
Since the publication of the last edition, the Arms Act, 1959 has been exhaustively amended by Act 25 of 1983 and large body of case law...

Hardcover: Rs. 1,600.00
Practical Lawyer - National Policy on Software Products
  March, 2017 Edition

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V.G. Ramachandrans  Contempt of Court
By V.K. Mehrotra
  6th Edition, 2002 with Supplement 2017
The work has been updated with the addition of case-law supplement.This edition of the book follows the pattern of the earlier editions in...

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