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Vidhishastra ke Mool Siddhant (Principles of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory in Hindi)
By Anirudh Prasad
  5th Edition, 2016
The current edition of this much acclaimed and popular work has now been released in a special low price edition. The book covers the...

Shorter Edition:
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Company Law (Hindi) - कंपनी विधि - Company Vidhi
By Avtar Singh
  9th Edition, Reprint 2017
In the present edition the author has discussed new concepts introduced by the Companies Act, 2013 such as class action suits, one person...

Paperback: Rs. 475.00  Rs. 285.00
Company Vidhi - Ek Parichay (An Introduction to Company Law in Hindi) - कंपनी विधि
By Avtar Singh
  5th Edition, 2016
This book is designed to provide introductory knowledge of company law. The author has...

Paperback: Rs. 275.00  Rs. 165.00
Law Relating to Arbitration, Conciliation and alternative Disputes Resolution (in Hindi) माध्यस्थम, सुलह एवं अनुकल्पी विवाद निपटान विधि - Madhyastham, Sulah evam Anukalpii Vivad Niptaan Vidhi
By Avtar Singh
  4th Edition, 2013
The book presents in a simple and lucid style a general survey of the subject of arbitration as contained in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The work is supplemented by copious references...

Paperback: Rs. 295.00  Rs. 177.00
Samvida Vidhi Evam Vinirdist Anutosh Adhiniyam - Ek Parichay[Law of Contract and Specific Relief Act (An Introduction) in Hindi]
By Dr. Avtar Singh
  2nd Edition, 2013
The book deals with the Contract Act, 1862 and the Specific Relief Act, 1963. This collection attempts to give a sense of the substance and evolution of the ongoing...

Paperback: Rs. 325.00  Rs. 195.00
Law of Contract & Specific Relief
By Avtar Singh
  12th Edition, 2017, Reprinted 2018
Contract and Specific Relief

Paperback: Rs. 695.00  Rs. 417.00
Negotiable Instruments (Hindi) - परक्राम्य लिखत - Parkramya Likhat
By Avtar Singh
  6th Edition, 2012
This book deals with the three kinds of negotiable instruments recognised by the Indian Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, viz.,...

Paperback: Rs. 195.00  Rs. 117.00
माल विक्रय एवम् अविक्रय विधि - Mal Vikraya Evam Avkraya Vidhi (Law of Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase in Hindi)
By Avtar Singh
  6th Edition, 2012
Recent Supreme Court decisions have dwelt upon newer areas and issues arising out of modern day trade and commerce and have thereby contributed to the development of the...

Paperback: Rs. 245.00  Rs. 147.00
बैंककारी विधि एवं परक्राम्य लिखत अधिनियम - Bank-kari Vidhi Evam Parkramya Likhat Adhiniyam (Laws of Banking and Negotiable Instruments in Hindi)
By Avtar Singh
  6th Edition, 2011
बैंककारी विधि एक ऐसी विधि है...

Paperback: Rs. 350.00  Rs. 210.00