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K D Srivastavas  Commentaries on Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
By Revised by Dr. R. Prakash
  5th Edition, with Supplement, 2016
The book deals thoroughly with the terms, circumstances, conditions and limitations of the payment of gratuity to workers under the Act.

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K.D. Srivastava's Commentaries on  Factories Act, 1948 (Old Edition)
By P.L. Malik
  5th Edition, 2001
The Factories (Amendment) Act, 1986 had brought about some groundbreaking changes in the Act giving it an entirely different perspective. The Amending Act provides stricter punishment for breach of...

Hardback: Rs. 590.00  Rs. 443.00
Commentaries on Payment of Wages Act,1936
By K.D Srivastava
  5th Edition, with Supplement, 2012
A new case law and statute law supplement have been added to the fifth edition of the book bringing it up-to-date till 2003. The author has provided a detailed section-wise...

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Disciplinary Action against  Industrial Employees and its Remedies (Print On Demand)
By K.D. Srivastava
  2nd Edition, 1988 (POD)
A complete, practical and thorough work that gives full guidance to the employer as well as the employee in various kinds of disciplinary action cases. In very practical terms it...

Hardcover: Rs. 1,950.00  Rs. 1,755.00
Disciplinary Action against  Government Servants and its Remedies (Print On Demand)
By K. D. Srivastava
  6th Edition 1990, with Supplement, 1997
This is a comprehensive, practical book dealing with such issues as dismissal, discharge, removal, suspension, reduction in rank, retrenchment,...

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Commentaries on  Employees State Insurance Act, 1948
By K.D. Srivastava
  5th Edition 2001, with Supplement, 2003
The new edition of this very popular work has been long overdue. There has been tremendous growth in the case-law during this interregnum besides the many amendments to the Rules and the Regulations...

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