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Introduction to Arbitration
By Mallika Taly
  2015 Edition
Introduction to Arbitration

PAPERBACK: Rs.395.00 Rs.336.00 |
Formation and Management of A Private Company Alongwith Procedure
By Nabhi's
  28th Revised Edition, 2012

Paperback: Rs. 460.00  Rs. 414.00
Compilation of Manual of e-Office Procedure
By Nabhi's
  1st Edition, 2013

Paperback: Rs. 480.00  Rs. 432.00
Systematic Approach to Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT and Central Sales Tax
By Dr. Girish Ahuja And Dr. Ravi Gupta
  17th Edition, 2008

Paperback: Rs. 525.00  Rs. 368.00
Landmark Judgements of Supreme Court
By Acharya N. K.
  5th Edition, 2019

Hardbound: Rs. 1,125.00  Rs. 900.00
Legal History - Evolution Of The Indian Legal System
By Nilakshi Jatar
  1st Edition, 2012
Legal history enables us to understand the law and the legal process in a better way. Laws do not take birth in a...

PAPERBACK: Rs.395.00 Rs.336.00 |
Law Dictionary  (English To Hindi)
By Kamlesh Chopra
  4th Edition, 2014
The new edition of this standard work has been further enlarged and thoroughly updated and now contains new words. The existing entries have been carefully examined and...

HARDBACK: Rs.450.00 Rs.383.00 |
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
By V.D. Mahajan
  5th 1987, Reprinted 2021
V.D. Mahajan’s work is a legal classic and has gone into several editions and reprinted a number of times. Written in a very simple and clear language it...

Paperback: Rs. 625.00  Rs. 531.00
Law, Development And Socio-Economic Policy (Challenges in the 21st Century India)
By Bimal N. Patel, Mamta Biswal
  1st Edition, 2012
Law, Development and Socio-Economic and Policy Challenges...

HARDBACK: Rs.445.00 Rs.267.00 |