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V.N. Shukla's Constitution of India
By Prof (Dr.) Mahendra Pal Singh (Revised)
  13th 2017, Reprinted with Supplement 2021
V.N. Shukla’s Constitution of India has proved itself, over twelve editions, to be the most authoritative and respected academic book...

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Britishers' Rule in India
By S.P. Singh Chauhan
  2020, Reprinted 2021
Britishers' Rule in India (A legal text with a historical perspective) offers a unique and well-researched historical perspective of the evolution of law during...

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Gumnami Baba-A Case History (Pre-publication)
By Adheer Som
  2018 Edition
 Extract from the foreword: "I, many of the Bose family and millions of Indians...

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