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By K.C. Gopalakrishnan and Ramdass
  Reprinted 2012
This book on Economics is written keeping in mind the needs of law students for understanding the subject of Economics and its processes in society. This book explains the concepts and principles of...

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Legal Economics: Interactional Dimensions  of Economics and Law
By K.C. Gopalakrishnan
  1st Edition 1998, Reprinted 2022

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Principles of Economics
By Dr. S.R Myneni
  2019, Reprint 2022

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भारतीय अर्थशास्त्र (Indian Economics)
By Dr. S.R Myneni
  2020, Reprint 2022

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Economics for Law Students
By Surbhi Arora
  2nd Edition 2014, Reprint 2023

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Indian Economics
By S R Myneni
  7th Edition, 2023

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Law and Economics
By S R Myneni
  1st Edition 2020, Reprinted 2022

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Intellectual Property, Competition Law and Economics in Asia
By R Ian McEwin
  1st Edition 2022
This book results from a conference held in Singapore in September 2009 that brought together distinguished lawyers and economists to examine the differences and similarities in the...

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Economic Theory and Public Finance
By N.Gajendra
The book ‘Economic Theory and Public Finance’ includes concepts of National Income, Macroeconomic dimensions, theories of employment and concepts of public finance,...

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