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Law relating to  Women & Children
By Mamta Rao
  4th Edition 2018, Reprinted 2022
 The current fourth edition of this much-acclaimed workby Mamta Rao,...

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Law Relating to Women & Children (Old Edition)
By Mamta Rao
  Reprinted 2011
This much acclaimed work by Mamta Rao is a brilliant, well researched and systematically organised study of the law relating...

Rs. 385.00  Rs. 231.00
Children, Social Science, and the Law
By Bette L. Bottoms
Children, Social Science, and the Law integrates social science research, social policy, and legal analysis related to children and the law. It provides the most cutting-edge information available on topics such as...

Rs. 1,150.00
Law of Adoption, Minority, Guardianship & Custody
By Paras Diwan
This new edition of 'Law of Adoption, Minority, Guardianship and Custody analyses wide spectrum of the Indian personall law of adoption and guardianship and custody of Hindus, Muslims, Christians...

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The Oxford Handbook of Children's Rights Law
By Jonathan Todres and Shani M. King
Children's rights law is a relatively young but rapidly developing discipline. The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, the field's core legal instrument, is the most...

Hardback: Rs. 8,995.00  Rs. 7,646.00
The Oxford Handbook of Children and the Law
By Prof. James G. Dwyer
The Oxford Handbook of Children and the Law presents cutting-edge scholarship on a broad range of topics covering the life course of humans from before birth to...

Hardback: Rs. 9,500.00  Rs. 8,075.00
Child Abuse - Law, Practice and Prevention
By Emidio A. Desouza Pinho and Andryusha D'Costa...
This book on Child Abuse: Law, Practice and Prevention, provides a detailed reference to different types of abuse against children as well as the legislations which are...

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