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International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Cyber Law (In 3 Vols.)
By Prof. J. Dumortier
Electronic commerce has led to specific legal problems, for example with regard to evidence, liability, consumer protection or payment. The convergence between broadcasting, telecommunications and...

Rs. 9,995.00  Rs. 8,995.00
Encyclopaedia on Debt, Financial And Monetary Laws, Covering case law of more than 62 years (In 3 Volumes)
By Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
  2013 Edition (Per Set of 3 Volumes)
In a modern developing economy like that of India, a holistic and coherent understanding of the law relating to the monetary and financial system is of vital importance....

Hardback: Rs. 5,250.00  Rs. 4,725.00
Lals: Encyclopaedia of Environment Protection & Pollution Laws, 5th Updated Edn. with Latest Amendments and Case laws in 2 Volumes, Per Set
By Lal
  5th Edn.
Lals Encyclopaedia of Environment Protection & Pollution Laws, 5th Updated Edn. with Latest Amendments and Case laws in 2 Volumes, Per Set

Hardback: Rs. 5,495.00  Rs. 4,396.00
Encyclopaedia of Petroleum Laws
By Harbans Lal Sarin
The present edition of the book is a compilation of all the major Acts, Rules, Orders, Notifications dealing with Petroleum and its products. Attempt has been made in the current edition to incorporate the latest...

Hardback: Rs. 1,995.00  Rs. 1,696.00
Encyclopaedia Of Hotel Management And Tourism
By R.K. Malhotra
The Modern Hotel And Tourism Industry Is Now Approaching A Crucial Stage In Developmentin Some Way Is Facing Its Own Midlife Crisis. The Encyclopaedia Of Hotel Management And Tourism Attempts To Offer...

Rs. 11,000.00  Rs. 9,350.00
Encyclopedia of Financial Services Law
Helping you to understand this highly complex regulatory system, the Encyclopedia of Financial Services Law:Provides section-by-section analysis of the implications of the Financial Services and Markets...

Rs. 269,500.00  Rs. 242,550.00
Encyclopaedia Of Modern Management
By R.K. Malhotra Nachhattar Singhs.D. Sharma
The Encyclopaedia Of Modern Management Is More Than A Reference Work. The Encyclopaedia Spanned Over 10 Volumes, Covers Over 1000 Topics Related To Management; Each Volume Is Comprehensive On The...

Rs. 10,000.00  Rs. 8,500.00
Encyclopaedia Of World Philosophers (Set Of 10 Vols.)
By Nagendra Kr. Singh
This Multivolumes Encyclopaedia Is A Pioneering Attempt To Cover An Indepth And Comprehensive Information Of Life, Philosophy And Interpretation Of Eminent Philosophers Of The World Since Earliest Time...

Rs. 30,000.00  Rs. 25,500.00
Encyclopaedia Of Journalism Ethics
By Dr. P.C. Sinha
Journalism Ethics And Standards Include Principles Of Ethics And Of Good Practice To Address The Specific Challenges Faced By Professional Journalists. This Encyclopaedia Contains Details Regarding...

Rs. 6,000.00  Rs. 5,100.00