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Planning Appeal Decisions
  23 Feb 2010
BOUND VOLUMES - PREVIOUS YEARSBound volumes are available for prior years and as full sets. For pricing and to order please contact customer services.

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By Neil Collar
  25 Jun 2010
MICROSITEPlanning is published by W. Green. To find out more about W. Green, and our products please visit http://www.sweetandmaxwell.co.uk/wgreen

Rs. 6,270.00  Rs. 5,643.00
Encyclopedia of Planning Law and Practice
The most comprehensive source of information and guidance on planning law and policy, the Encyclopedia of Planning Law and Practice:Includes all relevant legislation including EC legislation as well as...

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Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and Compensation
For almost 5 years the Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and Compensation has offered a complete and fully up-to-date guide to this complex area of the law. The two-volume looseleaf:Provides a complete...

Rs. 143,770.00  Rs. 129,393.00
The Control of Outdoor Advertising and Graffiti
By Charles Mynors
Control over the display of outdoor advertising in the UK has proved to be one of the great success stories of recent times - resulting in few totally inappropriate advertising displays in our urban centres and...

Paperback / softback: Rs. 9,600.00
Heap: An Outline of Planning Law
By Sir Desmond Heap
  01 Aug 1996
An Outline of Planning Law provides an overview of the system and a guide to its underlying philosophy, making it an essential manual for those whose work requires them to have a basic understanding...

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Planning Controls and Their Enforcement
By A. J. Little
  8th edition
Hewitt: Joint Ventures examines transactions where two or more existing companies agree to establish and participate in a common enterprise or business-related activity. It identifies the principal issues raised by a...

Loose-leaf: Rs. 26,500.00