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Houses, Homes and the Law Houses, Homes and the Law
Houses, Homes and the Law
by Michel Vols and Christoph Schmid
Edition: 2019
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Format: Hardback
Pages: 380 pages
Publisher: Eleven International Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9789462369740
Dimensions: 16.5 x 24.0 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.000(Kg)
Date Added: 2019-10-31
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: International

This book is the result of the successful collaboration between two research networks: the Housing Law Working Group of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) and the TENLAW research network. It deals with evictions, their social background and regulation under procedural and human rights law; housing problems of indigenous and ethnic minorities and immigrants; the relationship between landlords, tenants and agents and the private rental sector; housing satisfaction and the instruments and models to measure it; and fi nally national instances of the European housing crises in Spain, Germany and Romania. The contributions in this volume will further enhance the understanding of housing law and rights, and provide useful materials for future comparative analysis.


Houses, Homes and the Law is the third volume in the series that seeks to examine the many facets of housing law from a variety of academic and professional perspectives.

Table Of Contents:

1 Common Trends in Eviction Research: A Systematic Literature Review (Michel Vols, Alexandre Belloir, Mareike Hoffmann & Andrew Zuidema); 2 The Right to Have a House: Indigenous and Ethnic Minorities and Their Fight over Their Right to Identity (Magdalena Butrymowicz); 3 Reality versus Rhetoric: An Analysis of the Implementation Gap in Provision of Traveller-Specific Housing in Ireland (Samantha Morgan-Williams); 4 Access of Immigrants to the Public Housing System: The Case of Italy (Gabriella Perotti); 5 Recent Decisions of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Decisions on the Right to Housing in Spain (2017- 2018): Ben Djazia et al., Forced Evictions and Judicial Developments (Juan Carlos Benito Sánchez); 6 Do Evictions Violate an Actual Fundamental Right? The Influence of European Human Rights Discourse on Right to Housing in Spain (Ángel Aday Jiménez Alemán & Carmen Montesinos Padilla); 7 Evictions on Grounds of ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’ in Denmark – Aspects on Tenancy Law Regulations and the Protection of Human Rights (Jakob Juul-Sandberg); 8 Landlords and Tenants: Between Contracts, Property and Social Relations (Abigail Jackson); 9 Navigating the Rules: Legal Provisions and Dutch Estate Agencies’ Tactics to Circumvent the Law (Alexandre Belloir); 10 ‘We Shall Not Discriminate!’ Can/Will Flanders’ Private Rental Sector Keep Up to Their Promise? (Jana Verstraete, Diederik Vermeir & Pascal De Decker); 11 The Spanish Housing Crisis: Between Autonomic Social Action and Neoliberal Recentralization (Alba Nogueira López & Andrei Quintiá Pastrana); 12 Housing Satisfaction in Germany: Why Germany’s Housing Policy Will Not Make People Happier (Michael Kolocek); 13 Urban-Rural Interactions: Mutual Benefits and New Challenges (Leticia A. Bourges & Esther Muñiz Espada); 14 Houses, Condominiums and Law in Romania and in Postcommunist Central Eastern Europe (Liviu DamŞa)


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