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Unlocking Constitutional & Administrative Law - 2nd Edition Unlocking Constitutional & Administrative Law - 2nd Edition
Unlocking Constitutional & Administrative Law - 2nd Edition
by Steve Foster, Mark Ryan
Edition: 24th September 2010
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Constitutional and administrative law is an essential element of all law degrees. This second edition of Unlocking Constitutional and Administrative Law will ensure that you grasp the main concepts with ease, providing you with an indispensable foundation in the subject. This revised edition is up-to-date with the latest key changes in the law and includes discussion of the reform of the House of Lords, as well as new Parliamentary statistics and facts.

The Unlocking the Law series is designed specifically to make the law accessible. Each chapter opens with aims and objectives and contains activities such as quick quizzes and self-test questions, key facts charts, diagrams to aid learning and numerous headings and sub-headings to make the subject manageable. New features include summaries to check your understanding of each chapter, a glossary of legal terminology, essay questions with answer plans and exam questions with guidance on answering.

All titles in the series follow the same formula and include the same features so you can move easily from one subject to another. The series covers all the core subjects required by the Bar Council and the Law Society for entry onto professional qualifications as well as popular option units.

Resources supporting this book are available online at www.unlockingthelaw.co.uk. These include:

  • multiple choice questions

  • key questions and answers

  • revision mp3s available for free download

  • interactive glossary and flashcards

  • Contents

    1. Introductory Concepts 2. Constitutions 3. The nature of the British constitution 4. The sources of the British constitution 5. The separation of powers 6. The rule of law 7. Parliamentary sovereignty 8. Parliament I: Nature, functions and privilege 9. Parliament II: The House of Commons 10. Parliament III: The House of Lords 11. The executive 12. Executive/parliamentary relations 13. The Judiciary 14. The decentralisation of public power 15. The European Community 16. The European Convention on Human Rights 17. The Human Rights Act 1998 18. Freedom of Speech 19. Judicial review I (rationale and procedure) 20. Judicial review II (grounds of review and remedies) 21. Grievance mechanisms 22. Constitutional developments and reform
    Author Bio
    AuthorsMark Ryan is Senior Lecturer in Law at Coventry University. Steve Foster is Principal Lecturer at Coventry University.Series EditorsChris Turner LLM is a qualified barrister and a Senior Lecturer in Law at Wolverhampton University. He has taught law at all levels and is an experienced author whose previous titles include Unlocking Contract Law and Unlocking Torts, both published by Hodder Education.Jacqueline Martin LLM has over ten years' experience as a practising barrister and has taught law at all levels. She is an experienced author whose titles include Unlocking Criminal Law, published by Hodder Education.Jacqueline Martin and Chris Turner are also series editors of the Key Facts and Key Cases series, both published by Hodder Education.

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