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Supreme Court CasesTM (Criminal)- SCC(Cri)
by EBC
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About the Book

Supreme Court Cases™ (Criminal) provides extensive coverage of all reportable and non-reportable cases of the Supreme Court of India on criminal matters, including many cases not reported elsewhere. SCC™ (Criminal) is widely regarded by both practitioners and academics as the first source of reference for Supreme Court criminal cases.

The law report started in 1970, is now published in three volumes a year in response to the growing volume of Supreme Court case law on criminal matters. It is as indispensable to new users as it is invaluable to Judges and experienced criminal practitioners. Clear headnote summaries are presented at the beginning of each case, providing a sound overview of the key facts and a clear and precise extraction of the legal rulings. SCC™ (Criminal) maintains the highest standards of clarity in expression, authority in exposition, and user-friendliness in layout.

Today, the publication has the leading position as truly essential to criminal practice in any court in India.

Each issue of SCC™ (Criminal) contains:

  • All cases on criminal law decided in the Supreme Court together with the full text of the judgment.
  • Headnotes containing keywords summarising the main issues discussed and extracting the legal rulings in the case and a list of cases referred to in the judgment.
  • Detailed cross-referencing, with extensive references to established case law.
  • A key word index for ease of use.
  • Topic heading for case law not falling under any statute.

Why Supreme Court Cases™ (Criminal)?

Expanded coverage for the criminal law practitioner
All the relevant information that criminal practitioners need to consult can be swiftly located in SCC™ (Criminal) saving valuable research time. Alongwith the most up-to-date Supreme Court judgments on criminal matters, there is expanded coverage of Supreme Court case law relating to bouncing of cheques, damages and compensation in motor accident cases, breach of contract, disputes in family, dowry death etc.

Reliable citation
SCC™ (Criminal) is universally acknowledged to be far more accurate than any other law report and is relied upon by the entire legal community for its excellence in reporting quality and authenticity. It brings with it the reliability of Supreme Court Cases™ and is cited in most commentaries and text books.

SCC™ (Criminal) gives you the most comprehensive coverage of Supreme Court case law on criminal matters. A complete set of back volumes of Supreme Court Cases™ (Criminal) keeps you equipped with Supreme Court case law from 1970 till date. Supreme Court Criminal Digest™ from the publishers of Supreme Court Cases™ provides in addition a quick reference guide showing whether a case has ever been applied, considered, approved, overruled or referred.

Latest commentary
SCC™ (Criminal) contains articles on current topics of interest, incisive case comments and editorial notes. Authoritative articles contributed by eminent personalities published in its journal section, cover criminal matters with lucid explanations and expert comments.

SCC™ (Criminal), a quality product from the SCC™ family, is available at a nominal price to update you on the latest case law of the Supreme Court on criminal matters.

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