Social Policy, Law and Protection of Weaker Sections of Society
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Social Policy, Law and Protection of Weaker Sections of Society
by D.N. Saraf
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Edition:1986 Edition.
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This scholarly work unfolds the collective wisdom of legal luminaries on a subject of great topical interest.

The book focusses attention on the myriad problems of the weaker segments of the society. Broadly, the following areas have been covered:-

  • Equal justice for weaker sections: Identification of Backward Classes, Reservation Policy, Protective Discrimination, Problem of Untouchability, etc.

  • Justice in Litigation: Para Legal workers and justice to the poor, legal aid, Preventive Detention jurisprudence, prison justice, equity and Sales Tax in India, etc.

  • Protection of Women: Women in the workforce, women in marriage, protection of the rights of women, exploitation of women, legal services for women, dowry, polygamy, female succession, right to maintenance, rape, population control, abortion, etc.

  • Protection of Children: Vagrancy, beggary and status crimes, social policy for children, children's court system, probation, etc.

  • Protection of Labour: Protection of the interests of labour, accidents in Industrial undertakings, bonded labour, child labour, etc.

A must book for anyone interested in the subject.



  • All India Reporter: Since the book covers the deliberations of the seminars on topics of national interest, it will be greatly appreciated by the public at large, in general and by those interested in law, in particular. The Department of Law of Jammu University deserves much praise for bringing out such a scholarly work.
  • Review Projector: Professor Saraf and his colleagues have done a commendable job in bringing out this excellent work which ought to find a place in every law library for the wealth of insight which it generates and for its luminous and learned presentation of the substantive aspects of the law in areas of social welfare legislation.
  • Lex Et Juris: The book will make a useful reference volume for gleaning some facts and information.
  • Academy Law Review: The editor has done a commendable work, as is evident from the papers included. The report of rapporteurs are given incorporating the questions posed and the suggestions made by the participants. This adds to the utility of the book making the reader well-informed about all the intricate aspects of the subject.
    The editor has rendered a public service of the highest order by editing the papers presented, so as to impart a general consciousness, which would imbue the readers with a new awareness of the social policy, the law and protection of the weaker sections in the society.
  • Popular Jurist: The book is an impressive array of articles covering a wide range of subjects relating to the law and problems concerning the weaker sections of Indian Society. The reviewer happily recommends this book to the specialists and the laymen alike. It is heartening that the quality of scholarship revealed in the book is of high standard comparable to anywhere in the world.


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Social Policy, Law and Protection of Weaker Sections of Society