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Indian Penal Code
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Indian Penal Code

by R N Saxena
Edition: 21st Edition, 2022
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Indian Penal Code
R V Kelkar's Criminal Procedure
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Pages: 800 pages
Publisher: Central Law Publication
Language: English
ISBN: 9789390735730
Dimensions: 23.8 X 15.5 X 3.6 CM
Publisher Code: 9789390735730
Date Added: 2022-07-05
Search Category: Textbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


The book provides exhaustive coverage of crimes and punishments incorporated in the Indian Penal Code along with the relevant provisions of law and leading decisions on the subject. The contents have also been supplemented by illustrations so that the readers may grasp the intricate problems of criminal law without any difficulty. Written in simple and lucid language, this book would serve as an excellent reference for students, academicians and research scholars having interest in this branch of law.

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction (Section 1—5)
Chapter 2 General Explanations (Sections 6—52-A)
Chapter 3 Of Punishments (Sections 53—75)
Chapter 4 General Exceptions (Sections 76—106)
Chapter 5 Abetment (Sections 107—120)
Chapter 6 Criminal Conspiracy (Sections 120-A—120-B)
Chapter 7 Offences Against The State (Sections 121—130)
Chapter 8 Offences Relating To The Army, Navy And Air Force (Sections 131—140)
Chapter 9 Offences Against The Public Tranquillity (Sections 141—160)
Chapter 10 Offences Relating To Public Servants (Sections 166—171)
Chapter 11 Offences Relating To Public Election (Sections 171-A To 171-1)
Chapter 12 Contempt Of The Lawful Authority Of Public Servants (Sections 172—190)
Chapter 13 False Evidence And Offence Against Public Justice (Sections 191—229)
Chapter 14 Offences Relating To Coin And Government Stamps (Sections 230—263a)
Chapter 15 Offences Relating To Weights And Measures (Sections 264—267)
Chapter 16 Offences Affecting The Public Health, Safety, Convenience, Decency And Morals (Secs. 268—294-A)
Chapter 17 Offences Relating To Religion (Sections 295—298)
Chapter 18 Offences Affecting The Human Body (Secs. 299-377)
Chapter 19 Offences Against Property (Sections 378—462)
Chapter 20 Offences Relating To Documents, Trade And Property Marks (Sections 463—489-E)
Chapter 21 Criminal Breach Of Contracts Of Service (Sections 490—492)
Chapter 22 Offences Relating To Marriage(Secs. 493—498)
Chapter 23 Of Cruelty By Husband Or Relatives Of Husband (Sec. 498-A)
Chapter 24 Defamation (Secs. 499—502)
Chapter 25 Criminal Intimidation, Insult And Annoyance (Sections 503—510)

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