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Legal Studies   Class XI and Legal Studies Class XII (For ISC)
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Legal Studies Class XI and Legal Studies Class XII (For ISC)

by Vijay Kumar Singh
Edition: 1st Edition Reprint 2022 and 1st Edition, 2022
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
Dimensions: 24.1CM X 16.1 CM X 1.6 CM
Date Added: 2022-06-28
Search Category: Textbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


Legal Studies: Class XI ISC

Ignorantia juris non excusat” is a famous maxim which means ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaching the law. Learning about the essential nature of law and the concerned legal systems is useful for every person. Legal Studies by Prof. Vijay Kumar Singh is a comprehensive textbook on the subject and covers difficult legal language in a simplified manner that is easy to understand and at the same time does not lose its character of being legal.

This book begins with the unit on the historical evolution of the Indian legal system followed by covering six key areas of law, i.e. the concept of law and jurisprudence, concept of legal personality, criminal law and procedure, civil law and procedure, family law and fundamental rights. Each of these units has been further subdivided into sub-topics for ease of understanding. At the end of the book, there is a list of suggested project submissions for the learners to explore for their practical and on-ground understanding of various legal situations and problems, and a question bank. A subject index at the end helps seamless maneuver through the topics and sub-topics.

The subject of legal studies will allow the students to be more aware of the legal concepts/rules and will create an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Key attributes of a lawyer are good communication skills, logical reasoning, critical analysis, and a clear sense of interpretation. Studying this book on legal studies will aid in all of these.

This book is written on the basis of the ISC syllabus for Class XI; however, it will be helpful for general readers interested in learning basic concepts of law.

Legal Studies: Class XII ISC

Dr. VK Singh’s Legal Studies Class XII for ISC is the second book in the series for High School students covering various topics of law in seven units and several chapters Though the topics covered in the book have been arranged as per the ISC syllabus for Class XII, an attempt has been made to provide a well-knit perspective of the topics covered for a general audience as well, who are interested in knowing the law and its implications in day-to-day life.

Unit I deals with intellectual property laws such as trademark, patent, design, copyright, etc. Unit II of the book deals with the overview of the court system in India, justice delivery by Tribunals, the justice system in rural India, and also Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). This unit is further supplemented by Unit V which specifically deals with the concept of free legal aid under the Legal Services Authorities Act, Lok Adalat as well as public services and law.

Every day several crimes are reported in newspapers and the young generation must be made aware of a basic understanding of the criminal procedure. How is criminal law put in motion, what is an FIR, how does a criminal trial proceed, etc. Unit III specifically deals with the crime and law of evidence.

While Unit I deals with intangible property, the law relating to tangible property is covered in Unit IV, including the law relating to trusts and wills and Benami properties. Unit VI introduces the concept of legal language, specifically the “legal maxims”. The last unit of this book provides details about seven important laws, i.e. laws against corruption, negotiable instruments laws, competition laws, taxation laws, food safety laws, human rights laws, information technology laws, and motor vehicle laws.

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