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Nuclear Policy And Law
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Nuclear Policy And Law

by Dr. Gurmanpreet Kaur
Edition: 1st Edition, 2018
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Product Details:

Format: Hardback
Pages: 298 pages
Publisher: Satyam Law International
Language: English
ISBN: 9789382823933
Dimensions: 23.80 X 0.50 X 15.80
Date Added: 2022-03-15
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


Indian Nuclear Policy is dynamic, and it evolves continuously with each successive government. This book provides a concise, stimulating yet comprehensive overview of the Nuclear Policy of India, revealing all its components in full diversity. It analyses and evaluates some of the policies like policy of No-First-Use of Nuclear Weapons, Disarmament, Development of Nuclear Energy, Role of the Courts in Environment Protection due to radiation fallout and impact of Indo-US Nuclear Deal in enhancing India's Nuclear Co-operation with other nations, etc.

The book also gives an account of Indian interests, policies and law to assess their compatibility with the international standards. This academic endeavour will prove to be an interesting and immensely useful tool for the Law students, Researchers, Lawyers, Academicians, Policy Makers and Nuclear Scientists; as it provides a unique multidisciplinary approach to understand the growing and changing Nuclear Policy of India.

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