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Tribal Justice Tribal Justice
× Tribal Justice
Tribal Justice
by Yogesh Pratap Singh and Suvrashree Panda
Edition: 1st Edition 2021
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Tribal Justice
Tribal Cultures in the Eastern Himalayas, Volume 2: Himalayan Tribal Tales
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ISBN: 9789390715619
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India has always been a unique country with a diverse group of people. All are equal in the eyes of our great Constitution, truly, a phenomenal example of unity through diversity. The Constitution and the legal system of India envision to protect and nurture the individual freedom granted to us through the blood, sweat and tears of our beloved freedom fighters.

This book canvasses about one such group of people in India, the Tribals, and chronicles the trials and tribulations surrounding the rights guaranteed to them under the Indian legal regime. Unfortunately, throughout the history of their existence till the modern days, they have faced discrimination and deprivation across generations. The book serves as a witness to their struggles and stories and presents the major changes brought in their lives through legal intervention.

Special Features: The work comprises about a dozen articles critically describing crucial aspects of tribal governance in India.

  1. It not only focusses on the analysis of the text and word of the law, but also examines the practical efficacy of the law from multiple legal prongs.
  2. Gives an insight into the legal mechanisms in place for protection of tribal communities.
  3. The book, quite smartly, covers the legal rights of the tribal communities and the challenges faced by them.
  4. The book stands apart due to its unique combination of legal analysis and experience of real-life developments.


Extract from the Foreword:


“…It is a difficult task to cover the plethora of legal rights concerning tribal communities as well as the challenges faced by them, however, remarkably, this book manages to do just that, and is quite effective in smartly capturing the zeitgeist of the entire situation…”


-Justice S.K. Panigrahi

Judge, High Court of Orissa



 About the Centre for Tribal Studies 

The National Law University Odisha (NLUO) being established by an Act of Odisha Legislature has undertaken the obligation to produce quality research on the issues related to tribal welfare. The Centre for Tribal Studies at NLUO is an initiative towards this goal. The Centre aims to produce short and long-term policy oriented research studies and analysis in the domain of tribal affairs and its legal, social, economic and cultural dimensions in order to provide sustainable solutions.


Table Of Contents:
  1. Transformative Constitutionalism vis-à-vis Tribal Justice in India —Yogesh Pratap Singh and Ashirbad Nayak 
  2. Tribal, Timber and Tendu —Utkarsh Kumar Mishra and Ashutosh Singh
  3. Tribal Rights and Wild Animal Protection —Partha Pratim Mitra
  4. Impact of Covid-19 on Tribals of Odisha —Madhubrata Rayasingh 
  5. Indigenous Knowledge and Farmers’ Rights —Bushra Tariq 
  6. Salwa Judum —Gargi Whorra 
  7. Red Power: What the World could Learn from Indigenous Legal History of Canada —Diksha Kale 
  8. Tribal Governance in India —Narayan Chandra Sarangi and Dolly Jabbal
  9. Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions of Indigenous and Tribal People —Shambhu Prasad Chakrabarty and Debmallya Sinha
  10. Issues and Challenges of Tribal Youths —Lakshmi Pandey
  11. Brown Men before the White Tribunal —Colin Cherian Shaji

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