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Handbook on Right to Information Act, 2005
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Handbook on Right to Information Act, 2005

by Niraj Kumar
Edition: 5th Edition, 2019

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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Pages: 1508 pages
Publisher: Bharat Law
Language: English
ISBN: 9788177372663
Dimensions: 23.8 X 15.7 X 4.2 CM
Publisher Code: 9788177372663
Date Added: 2020-03-08
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


Handbook on Right to Information Act, 2005

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Table Of Contents:

Division 1


(For detailed synopsis, see respective section)

Chapter I


1.      Short title, extent and commencement

2.      Definitions

Chapter II

Right to Information and Obligations of Public Authorities

3.      Right to information

4.      Obligations of public authorities

5.      Designation of Public Information Officers

6.      Request for obtaining information

7.      Disposal of request

8.      Exemption from disclosure of information

9.      Grounds for rejection to access in certain cases

10.    Severability

11.    Third-party information

Chapter III

The Central Information Commission

12.    Constitution of Central Information Commission

13.    Term of office and conditions of service

14.    Removal of Chief Information Commissioner or Information Commissioner

Chapter IV

The State Information Commission

15.    Constitution of State Information Commission

16.    Term of office and conditions of service

17.    Removal of State Chief Information Commissioner or StateInformation Commissioner

Chapter V

Powers and functions of the Information Commissions,
Appeal and Penalties

18.    Powers and functions of Information Commissions

19.    Appeal

20.    Penalties



21.    Protection of action taken in good faith

22.    Act to have overriding effect

23.    Bar of jurisdiction of courts

24.    Act not to apply to certain organisations

25.    Monitoring and reporting

26.    Appropriate Government to prepare programmes

27.    Power to make rules by appropriate Government

28.    Power to make rules by competent authority

29.    Laying of rules    

30.    Power to remove difficulties

31.    Repeal

FIRST SCHEDULE      Form of Oath or Affirmation to be made by the Chief Information Commissioner/ The Information Commissioner/The State Chief Information Commissioner/The State Information Commissioner

SECOND SCHEDULE Intelligence and Security Organisation Established by the Central Government

Right to Information Rules, 2012

Lok Sabha Secretariat Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Rules, 2005

Rajya Sabha Secretariat Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Rules, 2005

Division II


1.     Information to be Published (Made Public) by Public Authorities

2.     List of State Information Commission Web-Sites

3.     List of NGOs on RTI Web-Sites

4.     List of Important Volunteers/NGO's Helping RTI Movement

5.     List of RTI Activists all across the country

6.     RTI Application Fee by State Governments

7.     RTI Appellants: Know your Rights

8.     RTI Act in Nutshell

9.     How to Get Information of Private Entity?

Division III


1.     Specimen Form of Application for Obtaining Information

2.     Specimen Form A: Application for Obtaining Information under Right of Information Act, 2005, section 6

3.     Specimen Form of Acknowledgement of Application

4.     Specimen Form of Intimation for Payment of Fee for Information

5.     Specimen Form of Providing Information

6.     Specimen Form of for Intimation of Rejection of Application for Providing Information

7.     Specimen Form of Application if Wrong Document/s is/are Provided

8.     Specimen Form of Application if Wrong Information is Provided

9.     Specimen form of Application for Obtaining Supplementary Information/s

10.  Specimen Form of Appeal

11.  Specimen Form of Acknowledgement of Appeal

12.  Specimen Form of First Appeal

13.  Specimen Form of First Appeal

14.  Specimen Form of First Appeal

15.  Specimen Form of First Appeal

16.  Specimen Form of First Appeal

17.  Specimen Complaint to be filed with CIC/SIC, and Operative Guidelines for Filing Non-compliance of Orders of Information Commissions

Division IV


1.     Right to Information

2.     Have you ever thought?

3.     How do we hold the government accountable?

4.     Do not Pay Bribes?

5.     Using RTI is simple

6.     Understanding and Using RTI

7.     What is information

8.     Coverage and applicability

9.     Obligations of public authorities

10.  Public Information Officers (PIOs)

11.  Applying for information

12.  How does a "PIO" deal with your application

13.  Fees

14.  Time Limits

15.  Third Party

16.  Information which cannot be disclosed

17.  Exemptions
18.  Appeals

19.  Central and State Information Commissions

20.  Some more shortcomings

21.  Important Guidelines

22.  Remember Basic Principles

23.  Trick in Asking Questions

24.  Some common problems and sample questions

(1)    Sanitation

(2)    Garbage bin not being cleaned

(3)    Social audit

(4)    Do you have a broken road?

(5)    Public distribution system

(6)    MLA/MPLAD/MLC Funds

(7)    Misuse of cars

(8)    Monitoring vigilance

(9)    Grievance redressal machinery

(10)  Inspecting government work — hit corruption at the root

(11)  Taking hisaab (Accounts) from the Government

(12)  How does Government Handle Corruption Cases

(13)  Status of all corruption complaints received

(14)  How to get effective sanitation services in your area

(15)  Encroachments

(16)  Not getting passport

(17)  Take copies of ration documents

(18)  Water problem

(19)  Street lights not functioning

(20)  Horticulture

(21)  Details of all roads which are cut

(22)  Details of "street and road works" carried out

(23)  Seeking records about water management

(24)  Copies of all works carried out in a ward

(25)  Commercialization

(26)  Pending work in any government department

(27)  Gas cylinder delivery

(28)  Inspect government works

(29)  Maintenance of public parks

(30)  Regular sweeping of your locality

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