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Constitutional Law and Constitution Collection - Set of 9 eBooks Constitutional Law and Constitution Collection - Set of 9 eBooks
Constitutional Law and Constitution Collection - Set of 9 eBooks
by EBC
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Three Lectures:

Justice K.K. Mathew's Three Lectures is a lecture series intended to disseminate knowledge in the realm of public law and to give a critical analysis of the existing law with a view to finding out its relevance and justification.

 This book contains the 1979 Public Law lectures delivered by Justice K.K. Mathew. The lectures were delivered from December 18 to 20 December 1979 at the Cochin University, Department of Law. In the first lecture, Justice Mathew examines how the judiciary can blend its orthodox judicial function with policy-making. In the second, he explains the concept of natu­ral law and the extent to which natural law provides a base for estimating and criticising rules of positive law. In the third lecture, he discusses the controversial terrains like the right to rebellion and the limits of obedience to superior orders.

Making of India's Constitution [Deluxe Edition]:

This legal classic, originally a compilation of three lectures delivered by Justice H.R. Khanna on the making of India’s Constitution has been thoroughly revamped with the objective of presenting a more holistic understanding of Justice Khanna’s contribution to the making of the constitution himself. A must have for all those who strive towards a better understanding of the constitution of India.


T.K. Tope's Constitutional Law of India :

The third edition of this scholarly book 1st printed in 1982 has been thoroughly revised and updated. Considered as the best single volume commentary on the Constitution of India. It highlights fundamental rights, directive principles, and duties under the Constitution in the framework of international human rights law. It contains many innovative ideas, illuminating and thought provoking analysis and gives an insight into the author's views on several sensitive constitutional issues.

Table Of Contents:

This Collection contains following ebooks:

1. Basic Structure Constitutionalism- Revisiting Kesavananda Bharati by Sanjay S. Jain and Sathya Narayan

2. Constitutional Miscellany by V.R. Krishna Iyer (Retd. Judge)

3. T.K. Tope's Constitutional Law of India by Justice Sujata V. Manohar (3rd Edition, 2010)

4. Due Process of Law by Abhinav Chandrachud (2011 Edition, Reprinted 2012)

5. Judicial Power and Judicial Review by Anirudh Prasad (1st Edition, 2012)

6. Law and (In) Equalities- Contemporary Perspectives by Swati Deva (2010 Edition)

7. Making of India's Constitution [Deluxe Edition] by H.R. Khanna (2nd Edition 2008, (Reprinted 2015))

8. Public Interest Litigation: Legal Aid and Lok Adalats by Mamta Rao (4th Edition, 2015)

9. Three Lectures by K.K.Mathew (1st Edition, Reprinted 2012)

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