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Arnold-Baker: Local Council Administration Arnold-Baker: Local Council Administration
Arnold-Baker: Local Council Administration
by Paul Clayden
Edition: 10th New edition
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Format: Paperback / softback
Publisher: LexisNexis UK
Language: English
Dimensions: 23.00 X 0.79 X 15.00
Shipping Weight: 1.110(Kg)
Publisher Code: 9781405788076
Date Added: 2018-08-05
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Publish Country: United Kingdom
Arnold-Baker on Local Council Administration has long been established as the guide to this specialist field of local government law. Amongst local councillors it is often called `The Bible'. It is a complete statement of the law relating to parish and community councils through an extensive, though succinct, narrative accompanied by comprehensive pertinent statutory materials. It covers everything from parish and manorial history to the new laws now governing local councils. All aspects are explored in a user-friendly style. It also includes appendices of relevant statutes, statutory instruments and an extensive list of useful contacts. Now in its tenth edition, this remains the key text for Parish Councils, Local Authorities and solicitors practising in local government law and public/administration law. What's New: * The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 which provided for new accounts and audit rules for local councils in England * New account rules in Wales * The move to electronic systems - for delivery of agendas, minutes and other papers, and for the payment of bills * The minimum wage increase and move to a national living wage

Table Of Contents:
1. History 2. General description of the systems 3. General description of the localities as a system 4. Creation, alteration and dissolution of localities and their organisation 5. The people 6. The local council and its members 7. Meetings and procedure of a local council 8. Elected officers 9. Employees 10. The English parish or town's meeting and parish or charter trustees 11. Documentation 12. Property 13. Charities and public gifts 14. Finance-assets 15. Capital finance 16. Miscellaneous liabilities 17. Accounts and financial administration 18. Audit 19. Contracts 20. Ancillary matters 21. Legal and similar business and inquiries 22. Local councils in local life 23. Concurrency, independence and co-operation 24. Consultation, representation and notification 25. Appearance of villages 26. Open air and exercise 27. Gatherings 28. Public lighting and crime prevention 29. Allotments for cultivation and common pasture 30. Health 31. Powers relating to communications 32. Transport 33. Powers relating to the dead 34. Welsh central institutions 35. Welsh communities 36. Welsh burial facilities 37. The welsh language Appendix I Statutes Appendix II Statutory Instruments Appendix III Useful Contacts

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