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Human Rights in India and Pakistan
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Human Rights in India and Pakistan

by Indu Singh and A. Saxena
Edition: 2018
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Product Details:

Format: HB
Pages: 228 pages
ISBN: 8176295531
Date Added: 2006-05-17
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The western powers in general and US in particular have been raising the bogey of Human Rights violation against India and now against Pakistan too. But we know, it is merely a case of "the pot calling the kettle black". We are aware of their "double standards", of how the self-styled champions of Human Rights, use this concept as ideological stick to beat others with. Even the west based human rights groups like Amnesty International are biased in their reporting. While year after year they have condemned the Government of India for its policies in Kashmir, but until recently there has been hardly any condemnation of Pakistan, despite proof of its motivating, training and financing the militants. Similarly there has been constant pressure on the Indian government bodies like the Red Cross, the Amnesty International to survey the policies of the Government of India in Kashmir. But not once has a demand been made for permission to survey the training camps being run by the Pakistan government. Both India and Pakistan should realise that neither foreign policy is serving the interests of their nations. As long as they are at loggerhead, others will only try to take advantage of their hostilities.

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Table Of Contents:

Contents of this book include :

  • Human Rights and the International Milieu

  • Human Rights in India

  • Human Rights in Pakistan

  • Human Rights and Kashmir

  • The United States and the Human Rights Issues

  • India-Pakistan : The Road Ahead

  • Annexures

  • Bibliography

  • Index.

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